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Build the Smallest Home in 5 Minutes


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#1 Items: Sliding & Oversize Doors

Sing Core cut away to see torsion box core

Torsion Box Honeycomb Core

Sing Core is the only renewable honeycomb core Show more

Sliding Doors

Best Seller: Sliding Door

80% of Sing products sold are doors; of those,
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16' x11' factory door made with 6mm Luan Plywood Skins

True Flat Door

True flat attributes can also be seen in the many
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Sing Core factory doors are very light weight

Lightweight Panel

Sing Honeycomb sandwich panels are strong, flat,
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Sing Core factory doors are very strong

Reinforced Sandwich Panel Strength

Sing Honeycomb panel is stronger than solid wood,
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Rot Resistant Characteristics

Even without coating, Sing Honeycomb sandwich
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