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#1 Items: Sliding & Oversize Doors

Sing Core cut away to see torsion box core

Torsion Box Honeycomb Core

Sing Core is the only renewable honeycomb core that has the strength above almost any existing commonly used core. Manufacturing Sing Core uses less energy, no toxic chemicals or waste and is made in the USA.

The heart and soul of Sing Honeycomb is in our patented Sing Core invention. The torsion box sandwich core utilizes renewable vertical grain wood fiber and foam, to create our strong, lightweight, composite material. Sing Core is stronger than other cores used in the aerospace industry, such as aluminum, plastic core, foam core, Nomax and other composite core materials. See comparison.

Sliding Doors

Best Seller: Sliding Door

80% of Sing products sold are doors; of those, 75% are large sliding doors. Whether you’re looking for a pocketed door system, wall-mounted system, hanging or floor track system, you can experience the superior performance of your Sing Core Sliding Door.

Barn doors (interior sliding doors) come in a variety of materials that are virtually unlimited to match your aesthetic tastes including, aluminum patio sliding doors.

16' x11' factory door made with 6mm Luan Plywood Skins

True Flat Door

True flat attributes can also be seen in the many Applications that require any material to be perfectly straight.

Door in photo is an oversize sliding door w/6mm marine grade plywood skin and weighs only 300 lbs. Specially designed to survive rigorous severe weather conditions, these large sliding doors will not warp, twist or crack and will last for years.

These large lightweight panels with extraordinary strength can also be true flat and used for sliding doors, barn doors, carriage doors, moveable walls; if laid flat, can become table top, stage floor or mezzanine floor.

Sing Core factory doors are very light weight

Lightweight Panel

Sing Honeycomb sandwich panels are strong, flat, and lightweight. A 4’ x 8’ x 1 ½” panel with 1/8 “ Luan skins, and solid wood edging weighs in at about 55 lbs. A standard sheet of plywood weighs in at about 96 lbs. Commonly used as lightweight plywood, lightweight MDF, lightweight aluminum panels, or used as a lightweight substrate for doors, table tops, stage floors, etc… The future for energy saving depends on lightweight transportation such as trains, vehicles, aircraft and marine applications.

Sing Core factory doors are very strong

Reinforced Sandwich Panel Strength

Sing Honeycomb panel is stronger than solid wood, plastic, metal, glass, brick, and concrete in terms of lbs. per lbs comparison. Sing Core based on 2″ x 2″ grids and 3/4″ thick = 660 PSI. For instance, commonly used foam core without Sing Core torsion box grids are only approximately 10 PSI.

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Rot Resistant Characteristics

Even without coating, Sing Honeycomb sandwich panels outlast plywood, solid wood, MDF, and particle board. Plywood and engineered wood rot and crack because of the weak glue layers. Sing Honeycomb panels last because underneath the skins lies Sing Core, which keeps the panels flat through torsion box technology, and therefore doesn’t allow the panel to crack, twist or warp. Sing Core Aluminum and Fiberglass panels are ideal for outdoor applications for effective eco wood treatment.


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