Lightweight non warp pivot doors and oversize sliding door blanks


Sing Core is the most Eco-friendly structural and non structural material ever invented, if you consider that it is extremely lightweight, super high-strength and earth-friendly (made of renewable structure material and requires less energy to manufacture). 

Sing Core

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Sing Sandwich cutaway exposing patented Sing Core

Simple Price/Order Process

Simple pricing length width thickness skin selection lightweight high strength engineered plywood

Ordering Sing Core products is as simple as specifying the length, width, thickness and desired skin material. See How Easy

Do It All with sing Sandwich Honeycomb Panel

Sing Sandwich is the affordable torsion box core Show more

Sing Core non warping insulated large door lightweight stronger than steel 50 yr guarantee


Best Sellers: Sliding Door & Pivot Door


80% of Sing products sold are doors; of those, Show more
Large non warp exterior sliding doors guaranteed for 50 years lightweight high strength

How to Build Large Non-warping Doors

Large lightweight, high strength, true flat doors Show more

The best big door guaranteed large non warping doors

The biggest non-warping doors of any kind. Including sliding doors, pivot doors, French doors, flush doors. See The Best Big Doors

The only 50 year non warp guarantee for large doors of any size style types of doors

Proud to be helping door companies build the best non-warping doors of any size, even extremely large doors with 50 year guarantee for warp and structure. See More.

Top News Sing Core news you can use click here


Top News @ Sing Core

Get the latest news on true flat non-warping doors, floors, walls, ceilings, wood, aerospace, tiny house, etc… Show more


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