Oversize Walnut Wood Veneer Sliding Door

At SingCore, we know that doors should come at any size with any skin finish that you desire. For this reason we make doors custom to order, based on your exact needs and wants. This oversize walnut skinned sliding door, for example, push the edge of extremity for a typical door manufacturer. But, is well […]

Oversize Custom Fire Resistant Doors

At Sing Core, we provide technical expertise that breaks away from the norm in all areas of large, and exceptionally large oversize custom doors. There is no project the we won’t tackle, and fire retardant / resistant doors are no exception. What is a fire resistant door? Sing core material is not naturally fire retardant, […]

Oversized Front Door

When it comes to big doors, no one does it better than Sing Core. Who else can make an Eco-friendly oversized front door that is made in the USA, fully insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, and guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years? Nobody, unless the door in question has […]

Standardized Oversize Doors

Sing Core is proud to offer standardized over-size (47.5" x 95.5") door blanks. These doors are designed to meet the needs of architects, millworks, contractors, and other professionals who seek a more affordable option than our fully custom doors. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; [...]

The Large Oversize Door Specialists

Sing Core has been providing the only true flat large doors that can be guaranteed to stay flat for 50 years regardless of size. Thanks to Sing’s patented torsion box/foam composite technology along with years of expertise of building large oversize doors that meet or exceed even the most demanding architectural door specifications and solving the […]

3-1-1-1 True Flat Large Oversized Doors

Sing panels make large oversized doors! The challenge for high end door makers – especially large oversized doors – is attempting to provide a high precision, true flat solution that is fully insulated, lightweight and high strength. Even the best millworks in the world are looking for solutions. Primary concerns are raised when an oversized large door is made […]

Large Oversized Doors

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Big Sliding and Oversized Doors The Most Popular Sing Applications

Sing products have hundreds of applications but sliding doors and oversize doors are the most popular. Why does Sing Core make more oversize sliding and big doors than anything else? Because only Sing Doors are 1. True flat It’s a challenge for people in the building industry to build oversize large doors and big sliding doors that […]

Large Wood/Aluminum Composite Oversize Doors

Applications -> Building Components -> Doors -> Large Wood Aluminum See Also: How to Build a Big Door   Sing Core makes the most dimensionally stable, eco-friendly aluminum doors that are used by the most prestigious millworks and high-end users. Only Sing Aluminum doors can be large, thin and extremely flat. The beauty of Sing […]