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Ultralight collapsible table legs set (Small)

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  • 2x legs
  • 1x bridge
  • All required assembly hardware

This is our new quick table legs set, (two leg panels and a bridge) TABLE TOP IS NOT INCLUDED, this is excellent for those of you who prefer to use a different table top, like glass, wood, plastic or any flat panel of your choosing.
All hardware in included free of charge.
The leg set is made with our patented sing honeycomb material. It is super lightweight and yet extremely durable and strong, like all our products. It takes up very little space when collapsed. It comes apart in 3 pieces, the honeycomb bridge, and 2 leg panels, anyone can assemble it quickly. It can hold 4 people on the top when assembled, see above picture, we put 3 85lb logs on top without the table top on it, so you can tell how strong it really is. It has the maximum load capacity of 1000lbs+!
The compact size allows you to store double the amount of tables than previously with the cheap and bulky table legs that are imported.

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