In the not so distant past, you had to be at least a multimillionaire to enjoy having a large pivot door with Sing Core inside.

The inventor of Sing Core has always desired to see his patented and patent-pending core technologies inside every home in the United States, and in keeping with that dream, Peter Sing and his True Flat Team have come up with some standard-sized massive exterior doors that can be made in quantity, instead of the one-off method of manufacture and artistic creation process which had been the model previously.

4’0″ x 7’4″ Sing Core Standard Large Exterior Doors

One Size Fits All

All standard exterior doors sizes are limited to one size 4’0” x 7’4” pivot doors are customizable and are designed and built to be trimmed up to 2-inches on all four sides. Original size of 48” x 88” may be reduced to any size to 44” x 84”

Pivot Door, Sliding Door, Hinge Door

Use these versatile doors any way you please.

Standard exterior door details, click door of your choice for more information:

Paint Grade MDF exterior door

48” x 88” x 2.25” thick

Price: $5,000 Promo: $950

Save: $4,050


White Oak with Walnut exterior door

48” x 88” x 2.25” thick


Price: $6,000 Promo: $1,900

Save: $4,100


Hard Maple wood stave exterior door

48” x 88” x 2.125” thick


Price: $6,000 Promo: $1,500

Save: $4,500

Every door is backed by Sing Core’s unparalleled

50-Year Warp-free Guarantee

Oftentimes people call us because their new door has failed not long after installation, especially exceptionally large doors, in challenging climates, and due to weather exposure. Thanks to our patented and patent-pending technologies we are the choice product for high-end door manufacturers in the USA, and Sing Core is widely known as,

“The only way to do it.”

The only way to build large doors that are not recalled due to failure and guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Note: We do not sell doors. We only supply the best door panels to the best door manufacturers and millworks to build the best doors in the world.