Sing Sandwich 

Gallery – What can you make with Sing Sandwich?
The secret inside the worlds best trade show displays is natural wood torsion box foam composite

Purchase Sing Sandwich panel from your local supplier and take it to your local millwork to custom-build your furniture, Sing doors and all types of lightweight, high strength products; even a tiny house or an entire home.

You will be able to build the best products of lightweight, high strength Eco-friendly Sing Core®, not only for yourself but for your friends and relatives. Better yet, you could start your own business making Sing products for resale because you are getting patented Sing Sandwich panels at a very low cost, and it doesn’t get any easier than picking up from your local Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Sing Sandwich is the affordable insulated torsion box panel/sandwich panel/honeycomb panel that has the strength above almost any existing commonly used core click here to see comparasion of all types of core. Manufacturing Sing Core® uses less energy, no toxic chemicals or waste and is made in the USA. The heart and soul of Sing Sandwich is in our patented Sing Core structure; the strongest, lightweight, renewable core used in the aerospace, composite, boat, home building, furniture many other endless industry, compare common used core such as aluminum, plastic core, foam core, Nomax, balsa wood, paper core and other composite core materials. Available from your local Lowe’s Pro Desk that can be used to build anything better (Eco-friendly, insulated, lightweight, high strength and sustainable).

Take A Look

Sing sandwich panels used in aerospace boating rail cars trucks and other forms of transportationSandwich panel, lightweight core and honeycomb panel are the composite materials which surrounds our daily life without even noticing. It doesn’t matter if you take the bus, fly in an airplane or take a cruise on a boat, you will find sandwich/honeycomb/lightweight panels all around you. Sing Sandwich panel is the next phase in the evolution of the lightweight composite panel impacting not only the transportation industries, but in home, commercial and industrial worlds due to the low cost high-strength renewable raw material grown in our natural world. Plus, it takes less energy to produce patented Sing products, a huge improvement in the world of new lightwight composite materials. Sing Sandwich is perfect for your exploration of the possibilities afforded by insulation, lightweight and high strength.

What is a Sing Sandwich Panel?

Sing Sandwich panels are made of two 1/4 inch plywood skins sandwiched with Sing Core in between. Our Sing Sandwich Panel is designed to protect Sing Core with a wood base providing strength and/or a better bonding surface to use just as it is built, or to use the Sing Sandwich panel as substrate to build your own Sing Panel, Sing Wood, Sing Metal, Sing Post and Beam, etc… click here to see applications of Sing Composites.

Affordable & Sustainable

Balancing Lightweight and High Strength Sing CoreThe price of Sing Sandwich is more affordable that the Sing Products that were available when we started a few years ago. You may even get it from Lowe’s Home Improvement and your local lumber yards. There are many types of core used to build lightweight panels but the Sing Sandwich panel is the only solution for high performance and low cost. Even more impressive is that Sing Core is good for the earth as it is Eco-friendly and the structure is made of renewable material. While other building materials fail over time, Sing Core products are build to last the test of time. What you build with Sing Sandwich panels today, will last for generations.

Problem / Solution

Since the invention of the Sing Sandwich, we have proven that common problems associated with limitations of traditional building materials could easily be overcome by using this new patented solution. We have helped our clients with all sorts of applications while solving the challenges of reducing weight, increasing strength, adding insulation value and sound deadening. The Sing Sandwich has been proven to be more dimensionally stable while solving problems associated with warping, twisting, cupping… and other reasons that cause products to fail when using the standard variety of sheet goods. In many cases, we have found, that Sing Core is the solution to many problems.

lowesWhat is the different between Sing Sandwich and Sing Panel?

Sing Sandwich panel is like core but with top and bottom skin made of 1/4 inch plywood for easy sanding, cutting and handling. It could use by itself click here to see, or use as core to build many unique products. Anything that can be done with Sing Panel can be done with Sing Sandwich. With Sing Sandwich you could build nearly anything that can be built with Sing Panel with less cost and easy to do. Create your own custom Sing Panels using Sing Sandwich as core cut-to-size, add solid wood edges and any desired surface material (many high end millworks across the USA are doing this) directly or indirectly to the Sing Sandwich surface.

Sing Sandwich Panel can be used as substrate or filler to build all kinds of Sing lightweight, high strength, insulated and reinforced products.

How to build with insulated sing sandwich panels available from lowes home improvementUse as substrate, or sandwich panel block to drop in any solid wood frame, in between two sheets of plywood or any skin materials and cold press with adhesive (in most cases regular carpenter glue will work because it is a wood-based skin) to build your own Sing Panels or any other product that could benefit from Sing Core’s superior characteristics.

Join Many Sing Sandwich Panels Together

Get as many Sing Sandwich panels that you want fro Lowe’s. To keep the cost low, you can router out the panels and make your own biscuits for joining multiple panels together in any configuration that you like. Alternatively, you could order custom panels with biscuit joiners as a flat pack kit (at additional charge).
Here’s a video of biscuit joining three 4×8 panels to make an 8×12 moveable wall.

Sandwich Panels applications

Many things could be made with Sing Sandwich panels

Let’s Sing together by using the Sing Sandwich panel to explore the future of energy saving, earth-friendly way of lifestyle, click here to see the applications that may not have been made yet, needing your help to create new Sing applications or tell your friends.

1 Residential / Home Owners … see more

substrate shelving wall floor

2 Commercial … see more

substrate shelving wall floor
door cladding forms trade show
retail display table composite art
sign board decorative

3 Industrial … see more

substrate shelving wall floor
door cladding forms trade show
retail display table composite art
sign board decorative sound barrier divider
privacy screen portable `modular panel

Sing Sandwich Panels far exceed stress, load weight and spans specifications in regards to deflection and wood shelving material standards of Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI).

Start Your Own Business

You could join the ranks of many Sing Core fans who understand the value of integrating the world’s most Eco-friendly, insulated, lightweight high strength building material into your unique products. Imagine making the best, most high performance products at a reasonable price and still have a generous markup to reward you for your efforts. By using Sing Sandwich available from Lowe’s Home Improvement, you can obtain patented Sing Sandwich at a reduced price to Build Nearly Anything you can imagine, even flooring, temporary walls, signs, furniture, like dressers, bookshelves/entertainment centers, butcher block, tables, or a tiny house, just to name a few.

sing a long with sing core rSing-A-Long with Sing Program

By joining the cottage industry movement spreading throughout the United States, you could build your true green sustainable products in your own back yard or garage to sell locally or throughout the nation. Help your community to have local buying options, preventing them from having to buy products from overseas or from corporate giants. This is the time to take a stand and turn your skills into a valuable resource offering value to your local community while offering an opportunity for others to buy local. It feels good to buy local and support local artisans.

Sing-A-Long Bonuses

If you are building a local business with Sing Sandwich, we will join with you to help you promote your business. We will post your wares online and tell our customers where to contact you, if they are searching for your product. We will also offer window shopping for your Sing items via our website(s) at no cost to you. Another resource we can provide is open source communication, where our Sing-A-Long friends can congregate via the Internet to share ideas and stories. Send us your story and a photo and we will plug you into our network.

How to use Sing Sandwich panels?

Sandwich panel walls any size1 Application of Sing Sandwich panels by itself

By itself, the Sing Sandwich has open edge which expose the Sing core in between two sheets of plywood, used as…

2 Use Sing Sandwich panel to build products

Used in many industries with endless applications.

3 As filler to use as core material

To replace solid material such as solid wood, engineered wood, pressboard, metal, concrete, plastic

It can be sandwiched in the middle of the skins with solid material around the edges (another method of making Sing Panels).

Click here to see things that could be made with Sing Sandwich panels.

Why is patented Sing Sandwich panel the strongest Eco-friendly panel in the world?

How to use Sing Sandwich panel to build Sing Panels

Click images (above) to see more...

Click images (above) to see more…

Why do I need Sing Sandwich panels?

Where do I need Sing Sandwich panel?

What products can be made with Sing Sandwich panels?

How Sing Sandwich panels work to build lightweight high-strength products.

Q: Can I build a larger panel from standard Sing Sandwich panel?
A: Absolutely. And it is quite easy for any standard wood shop to do inexpensively by simply cutting and joining as many Sing Sandwich panels as you need together, you can create large panels to your own specifications on-site. Of course our factory is specially designed to create super-large panels (up to 50 ft) that are guaranteed true flat. If you are seeking a guaranteed solution, you should seek out our specialty services.

Q: How do you cut a regular 4 ft x 8 ft sandwich panel into small boards?
A: Sing Sandwich panels are as easy to cut finish and use adhesives on as any regular plywood material. No special equipment is necessary to realize their full potential.

Q: And how do you add solid wood after cutting?
A: Our standard wood (Luan) surface material makes it easy to cold-press adhere any solid wood using regular carpenter glue. Again, it works just like any other plywood-type material.

Want to make your own Sing Beams?

one-man-carrying-a-lightweight-high-strength-wood-beam-perfect-straightNo problem, just cut your Sing Sandwich panels into strips of your desired width (by ripping, just as you would any other plywood-type material, in your shop) and stack and cold-press glue for the strongest, lightest weight, eco-friendly beam. For instance, to make a 9 x 12 inch beam, simply rip into six 12” strips and adhere them together using regular carpenter glue.

Sing Sandwich panel is a superior substrate material used in counter tops, stair treads, tables, floors, furniture parts, etc… Click here to see Sing Sandwich panels being used to build a wide variety of products.

What is the standard stock size of Sing Sandwich panels?

Standard Sing Sandwich Panel Dimensions:

  • Dimension your choice of:
  • 24 inch x 48 inch or 48 inch x 96 inch
  • thickness 1.5 inch

Size of grids

Standard grids size for our Sing Sandwich panels are 3 inch x 3 inch. For higher strength use small grids (2 inch x 2 inch) which is only available through via trade professional or custom order.

Core material

Sing Core is made with natural wood vertical grain torsion box where the voids are filled wall-to-wall with rigid recycled foam. Sing Core uses mostly two different types of foams; the most popular is EPS foam (R value = 3.5 per inch) and urethane foam (R value = 6.5 per inch).

How to use 1.5 inch Sing Sandwich to build 3/4 inch Sing Panel

Buy one get one free; the cost of 1.5 inch Sing Panel is the same as 3/4 inch. By slicing a 1.5 inch Sing Sandwich panel to half and adding skin to the fresh-cut side and Voilà, you create two pieces of 3/4 inch Sing Sandwich. It’s like buying one and getting one free.

How to use 1.5 inch to build a 3 inch panel?

Just glue two pieces of Sing Sandwich to create one 3 inch panel. Click here to see 3 inch Sing Sandwich panel and some of the applications.

How to build a stronger Sing Sandwich panel?

By increasing the thickness of your Sing Sandwich panel by gluing two Sing Sandwich panels together, the strength is multiplied by four. With four times the strength at very little added weight as a superior alternative to Balsa wood and foam core panels you can build anything.

How to make lightweight, strong non-warping hardwood?

Hardwood is beautiful, but it is heavy and easy to crack and warp, twist and bow. Sing Wood is made of Sing Core wrapped around with hardwood. It is more precision or straight than real solid wood. Click here to see Sing Wood.

How to get Sing Sandwich panels:

If you are home owner

Simply stop by your Lowe’s Pro Desk and ask for Sing Core. If your local Lowe’s Home Improvement does not have sing Sandwich in stock, you can pick it up one week later.

Trade Professionals

If you are a trade professional or if you have a business and/or use Sing Sandwich for your business or for resale, please Contact Us as you likely will qualify for a wholesale account.

Sing Sandwich Comparisons Based on 2″ x 2″ Grids


Sandwich Panel Foam Aluminum Balsawood Nomex Plastic Cardboard
Insulation x x x x x
Sound Deadening x x x x x
Lightweight x x
Strength x x x
Solid x x x x
Eco-friendly x x x x
Renewable x x x x
Oversize x x x x x x
Dimensionally Stable
Affordable x x x x x
Waterproof Upgrade? x x
Fire Retardant Upgrade? x
Bullet-proof Upgrade x x x x x
Thickness Available x x x x x x
Skin Options x x x x x x
Easy to Machine x x x x x x
Fast Turnaround x x x x x x

Insulation: Sing Core has built-in insulation value with an R3 to R6.5 rating per inch, depending on client’s needs/specifications.

Sound deadening: Sing Core’s filler material has natural sound-deadening properties. Other sound-deadening options are available at customer request.

Light weight: When compared to other materials Sing Core weighs much less, as much as 50% less, or more, as little as 4 lbs. per sq. ft. yet eco-friendly. This advanced technology used in the aviation industry is now available for use in your home.

Strength: Sing Core based on 2″ x 2″ grids and 3/4″ thick = 660 PSI. For instance, aluminum 3/8″ grids = 30+ PSI (smaller grids should be more strength). Sing Core’s superior strength comes from its advanced torsion box design.

Solid: Sing Core is solid like a rock. While the vertical wood grain torsion box core may be compared to other hollow honeycomb cores, the Sing Core voids are not hollow as they are bonded wall-to-wall and filled with recycled foam for a strong, solid substrate.

Eco-friendly: Sing Core is manufactured using natural wood fibers, no formaldehyde, or toxic chemicals, is created using less energy than any other core material with little or no waste.

Renewable: The structure of Sing Core is 100% renewable (nature-grown) clean fiber and/or recycled material.

Oversize: Sing Core excels in area of large oversize products due to its unique properties and can be up to 50 foot length.

Dimensionally stable: Sing Core is the most dimensionally stable building material allowing us to create large, oversize products (i.e., doors, up to 50 ft.) that are true flat exceeding AWI standards and can be guaranteed to be true flat. Large oversize panels can be truly dimensionally stable without any movement due to temperature and moisture change.

Affordable: Even though Sing Core technology is used in high-end applications, we make it affordable for broad use in a large number of applications. Sing Core performance is comparable to any high-end core but could be as little cost as low-end wood product core.

Waterproof upgrade: Sing Core is available in waterproof upgrade, to accommodate your specific water resistant requirements.

Fire retardant upgrade: When used in fire retardant applications, the Sing Core fire retardant door is the lightweight, super-strong, eco-friendly alternative.

Bullet-proof upgrade: In high-security end products, most cores used in bullet-proof applications are heavy in weight, causing strain on the infrastructure, unlike Sing Core.

Thickness available: Sing Core is readily available in many thicknesses, up to 6 inches in standard thickness, with custom thicknesses available.

Skin options: For many different exteriors including (but not limited to) aluminum, cement board, cold roll steel, concrete, ceramic tile, fiber glass, galvanize metal, glass, MDF, metal, plastic, plywood, solid wood, stainless steel, etc… see Sing Panel

Easy to machine: Sing Core is easy to work with in the shop or on-site for sawing, sanding, adding solid wood implants, gluing, cutting and fastening.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Our most popular standard product available to the public:

super honeycomb 2x4x1 2 ft x 4 ft x 1.5 in Sing Sandwich torsion box panel

2 ft x 4 ft x 1.5 in – no solid edge LT plywood

Sing Sandwich 2×4

48 in. x 24 in.

See Lowe’s for discount price

Making its way into the homes of savvy do-it-yourselfers, shops of woodcrafters with varied degrees of expertise and millworks across the USA, our best selling Sing commodity is the Sing Sandwich 2×4, a 2 ft x 4 ft pre-built reinforced torsion box substrate that is 1.5 inch thick and features a lightweight plywood surface material that is easily bonded with other products. It’s universal convenient 2 ft x 4 ft size is easy to handle and transport and ships in minimum 4-piece bundle.

For the DIY enthusiast who wants to use torsion box technology without all the tedious handcrafting, we’ve done all the hard work for you – plus we’ve packed each torsion box void wall-to-wall with rigid foam insulation, resulting in a super honeycomb structure that is stronger than steel pound for pound (660+ PSI). Easy to handle, no special tools required, cut just like regular plywood.

It’s a standard Sing Sandwich 4×8 pre-cut into 4 pieces that you can throw in the front seat of your car and turn into anything for endless applications.

The Sing Sandwich 2×4 is by far the most versatile Sing product to be released to the world, now available from your local Lowe’s to save shipping and packaging costs.

Note: Sing Sandwich 2×4 is only available in 1.5-inch thick 2 ft x 4 ft size with lightweight luan plywood facings.

No minimum quantity on 2×4 (48 in. x 24 in. x 1.5 in.), crate optional.

sing sandwich 4x8x1 4 ft x 8 ft x 1.5 in torsion box panel lightweight high strength

4 ft x 8 ft x 1.5 in – no solid edge

Sing Sandwich 4×8

96 in. x 48 in.

See Lowe’s for discount price

The Sing Sandwich 4×8 panel comes in standard 4 ft x 8 ft size panels, with 1/4″ plywood skin:

  • 1.5 inch

Minimum quantity on 4×8 (96 in. x 48 in. x 1.5 in.) = 20 pieces + shipping and crate.

Sing Sandwich features no solid wood edging, and may be edge-banded to hide the visible exposed Sing Core material.

See: Lowe’s for more information

Sitting-on-a-stack-of-sing-sandwich-panelsSing Panel Skin Option Examples:

  • plywoodSing sandwich panel
  • solid wood
  • MDF
  • aluminum
  • metal
  • plastic
  • fiber glass
  • cement board
  • concrete
  • ceramic tile
  • glass

… just to name a few, (skin options available in Sing Panel configuration as the possibilities are limited only to any available flat building material).

Applications of Sing Sandwich Panels:

Sing Sandwich in its original form is perfect for use as:

Shelving, low cost lightweight table, table legs, furniture parts, floors, walls, ceilings, trade show displays, sign board, sound barrier, etc…

A 4 ft x 8 ft x 1.5 inch Sing Sandwich panel with plywood skin weighs approximately 55 lbs. 55 pounds is a fraction of the weight of the equivalent piece of plywood… and heavy plywood can be dangerous to maneuver and/or requires extra equipment to accommodate. Even so, plywood could not be true flat or super strong like the equivalent Sing Sandwich panel.

That is why the Sing Sandwich panel is perfect for:

  • Shelf. Cut to any width for lightweight strong shelf, long span capacity.
  • Substrate. Insulated, true flat, lightweight, super strong for door core, table core. Slice to any thickness.
  • Furniture components.
  • Tiny house. For wall structure, floor substrate, room loft floor.
  • Countertop substrate could be finished in any exterior material
  • Ceiling. Lightweight ceilings

Easy to order from you local Lowe’s Pro Desk. Want to order by the truckload? Contact us for wholesale price.

strong enough to hold more than 250 lbs with almost 7' span 043012 Trade table (21) DSC_0723 DSC_0388 sandwich-panel-group-press Sing-Sandwich-Substrate Sing-Sandwich-Substrate

See Also: Sing Panels

How to purchase Sing Sandwich panel?

To buy Sing Sandwich, please contact your local Lowe’s Pro Desk.

The only way to purchase Sing Sandwich panel is purchase our standard sizes of either 2 ft. x 4 ft. or 4 ft. x 8 ft. in inch-and-a-half thickness.

We also provide Sing Panels in almost any size such as 12 ft wide x 50 ft in length, up to 6 inch in thickness. For price quote please contact your local Lowe’s. Wholesale inquiries click here. All you need to tell us is the length, width, thickness, and type of skin you want.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Here at Sing Core, we make the world’s best Eco-friendly oversize doors that are lightweight, stronger than any other comparable material, and are true flat. No one else could accomplish this feat if not for the Sing Core composite secret ingredient.

Now you can have the convenience of Sing Sandwich panels – that are superior when compared to other materials – in stock at your location at huge savings due to this one-time offer. See Sing Sandwich Photo Gallery to see other varieties of options available and can be made to your specifications.

Stack of lightweight torsion box honeycomb sandwich panels to build tiny house in no timeStandard sizes, thicknesses, faces and quantities are limited to those listed. For other dimensions and/or options please complete our online price quote for a price.

Standard Sing Sandwich Panel Details:

  • dimension: 2 ft x 4 ft (in pairs only)
  • thickness: 1 ½ inch
  • standard 1/4 inch plywood surface

Sing Sandwich panels are so versatile, they have hundreds of applications. You could use these patented sandwich panels to build your own lumber, or

There are so many things that you can create with Sing Sandwich panels, knowing that by doing so, your end product will be manufactured with a True Green Eco-friendly material that is lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound with built-in insulation.

Sing Sandwich panels are constructed using the most responsible use of natural wood from nature and expensive urethane glue that is formaldehyde-free and water resistant.

Create Hardwood Lumber On Demand

By having a quantity of Sing Sandwich panels on hand, you can create your own hardwood lumber, posts and beams, furniture parts, metal composite building materials at your location, when you want it, as you need it! Having a Sing Sandwich panel inventory is the secret weapon in exclusive high-end millworks.

Create any size panel you wantDSC_0723

Due to its extreme versatility, Sing Sandwich panels can be ripped and cut just like any other plywood-type building material. Cut into strips and glue together to make your own posts and beams, then finish them in any exterior material that meets the specifications of your project.

Want large panels?

Certainly, when we build large panels, we can certify and guarantee them as true flat, using our seamless technology. But, you can manufacture your own oversized panels by patching as many Sing Sandwich panels as you need to achieve the desired dimensions of your project at your location.

Want an even better deal?

Special truckload price inquiries will also receive an extra discount for quantity. Contact us to take advantage of our special-priced offer.

This is Sing Sandwich