Torsion Box

Torsion box design in woodworking is basically a number of wooden boxes assembled together to make up the core material sandwiched between two sheets of wood. This is a labor-intensive process for craftsmen, but does produce a lighter-than-solid-wood product that has increased strength due to the torsion box interior. Click for How to Buy Torsion […]

Torsion Box Club

Sing Torsion Box Club FREE to Join Today Members Only Meet us at the Woodworking Show November 15-17, 2013 Friday 12-6; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-4 Portland Expo Center 2060 N Marine Drive Portland, OR 97217 Woodworkers know the best solution for building a true flat work bench, door or panel is to use a torsion […]

Torsion Box

Torsion Box   Sing Core Torsion Box Panels Patented Sing Core: We put a torsion box in the SIP panel to make it better. The other names for our panels include sandwich panel, honeycomb panel and lightweight panel.   Sing Punch-Proof Doors SINGCORE-The torsion box core makes it impossible to punch through and destroy.   […]

Sing Plywood Boxes will not Warp, Bend, Twist or Rot!

Our panels make plywood boxes! Sing core plywood panels will not warp, bend, twist or rot.  They stay true flat, even when exposed to the elements.  The revolutionary patented Sing core technology has solved the warping nightmare.  Thus, plywood boxes made with Sing plywood sandwich panels are true flat (non-warping), will stay true flat and can be […]

Extra Wide Front Door

The inventor of patented Sing Core invites anyone to challenge his claim to fame being, “The only way to build an extra wide front door that does not warp.” Peter Sing’s revolutionary lightweight high strength extra wide front door core is what makes it possible for all the biggest and best door companies in the […]

Wooden Doors

The most popular application for wooden doors is accentuated by their prevalence as interior doors. There are a number of reasons why it is common for wood doors to be used as interior doors, the number one reason is that as exterior doors, wood front doors are less stable due to the nature of wood […]

Strongest Metal

LOOKS LIKE SOLID METAL BUT LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONGER New revolutionary patented building metal material looks solid but lightweight and stronger. This warp-free high precision strongest metal is simply perfection in it’s being superior to other solid metal and lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound for pound.   If you’re used to having to mitigate the […]

Pivot Door Manufacturers

Pivot door manufacturers are the backbone of the success behind the impact patented Sing Core is seeing in contemporary architecture design and modern pivot doors around the world. Where the power of these emerging technologies really shines is in modern pivot entry door, but none of this would be possible without the support of the […]

Metal Pivot Doors

Metal pivot doors include modern steel doors which are by far the most popular modern metal front doors in demand today. Today’s modern metal door can take on a wide variety of visual representations and can include the combining of many different materials to achieve a unique architectural design, look and feel. Modern steel front […]