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Build your tiny house with only a 25% down payment

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Shelter and food are basic human rights. It is our goal to help people live a happy life without paying a large portion of their income to their home mortgage or rent.

Sing tiny houses are beautiful, functional, lightweight, high-strength, eco-friendly and easy to construct. Tiny Houses allow people to leave a small foot print on earth.

Patented Sing panels have endless applications. One of the better uses for Sing panels is building a Sing tiny house. It does not require very much skill in carpentry to build a energy efficient, strong, lightweight, eco-friendly beautiful tiny house. We want to help people make their tiny house dream become a reality before next winter, even if they are on a tight budget------We design a easy financing with no interest and a 36 month payment plan to help people move in sooner.

We are offering 50% off the retail price special for people who want to build right away, plus we will finance half of the remaining balance. That means you only put down 25% of the cost of the panels and then you get to build your house. The other 25% of the retail price wil be split into 36 seperate monthly payments at no interest and everyone qualifies no matter their circumstances. We are offering this huge discount and have developed this easy payment plan to help people in need, in this crazy economy.

As an example, if you planning on building an 8 ft x 16 ft Sing tiny house, it will take a total of 22 Sing panels to cover your floor, wall and roof. The retail price of this tiny house panel kit is $7,040.00 ( $320.00 per pc) after the 50% discount the price of the tiny house kit will be $3,520.00 ($160.00 per panel). So if you pay 50% of the discount price that would be $1,760.00 plus shipping and crating. Once we receive your down payment we will then ship your Sing Panels so that you can begin building your Sing Tiny House. After that you would just pay $48.88 a month for the next 36 months to pay off the rest of your Sing Tiny House Panel Kit. If you decide to just pay off the balance all at once then we offer free shipping as long as the cost of shipping is less than 10% of the the sales price.

If you purchase this before the end of May, We will throw in a Sing honeycomb insulated door for free. The door is 4' x 8' x 1-1/2" and has a retail value of $320.00. Click here to see some super large doors build with patented sing honeycomb panels, we love to show these doors to prove how straight and light our panels really are.

This is a limit time offer please contact us ASAP. Materials cost at the all time low right now and that is the only reason we are currently able to offer such a great deal.

With a little research you will see that it typically takes $40,000 or more to create a finished tiny house. With Sing tiny house panel technology you be able to control your own destiny and have a beautiful, insulated, strong house to live in at 1/10th the cost of our competitors. Have a mortgage free life. Spend more time with family instead of at work.

Let's work together to build a better quality of life in America.

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