Sing Core’s 50 Year Guarantee

Sing Core’s Famous 50 Year Guarantee At Sing Core, we are well known for the high quality door and wall panels we manufacture. Their many qualities allow them to speak for themselves, though our famous 50 Year Guarantee is what really sends them to the top. Our panels are strong, lightweight, and make beautiful doors, […]

Pivot Door 50 Year Guarantee

There have not been many truly significant advances in the manufacturing or pivot doors in the last hundred years, until now, with the invention of patented Sing Core which offers the only pivot door 50 year guarantee for a large custom eco-friendly lightweight high strength door. Such a door could not be built before. In […]

Guaranteed Warp Free for 50 Years

The pride and joy of our SingCore brand is the fact that we are confident enough to offer an unmatched 50 year guarantee on all our professional level products. Built to Last SingCore uses a space age proprietary core design, inspired by the high tech construction techniques pioneered by the aerospace industry. Our core material […]

The Only 50 Year Non-warp and Structure Guarantee

When you spend $10,000 to $100,000 on a door and it warps, can you fix it? No. It may be a beautifully and skillfully handmade door, but if it is warped, it fails to function as a door to any level of satisfaction. These expensive doors are made with solid materials or core substrate material […]

Only Warp-free Large Door Guaranteed

“I love these doors.” * This photo depicts the installation of some of our latest warp-free large sliding doors. These Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength professional Sing large sliding doors are 12 ft. tall, 68 inches wide and only 1.5 inches thick, and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or structurally fail for a full 50 years. When we say […]

The World’s Best Trade Show Booth Guarantee

Patented Sing Core has been the secret ingredient in come of the most innovative trade show booths in the world, offering trade show exhibitors the characteristics they desire, covered by our no fail 10 year guarantee, including structure and warp-free guarantee for 10 years of faithful, continuous and durable service. The unique attributes of Sing Core […]

True Flat Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty

TRUE FLAT GUARANTEE All composites including (but not limited to) Sing Core and aluminum (other materials may be added to the composite material) are guaranteed to be true flat and warranted to stay true flat under normal operation and in the form and function of the specified purpose and under the agreed upon conditions at […]