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Green-eco-friendly-sing-coreSing Core’s impact on our global environment can be incredible, if you can help us spread the word about it’s being possibly the most ecologically-friendly development in the building market, today. As our population grows, buildings are erected, roads are widened to accommodate the masses. By using Sing Core as much as possible, we can help to make the world a better place.

The future of building materials is an evolution from natural materials, to composite materials. They permeate aeronautics, rail, marine and other transportation industries to combat challenges in regards to weight. Composites are a good alternative to other natural, or solid building materials.

Sing Core is a revolutionary composite material that combines the best of both worlds. The structure of Sing Core is 100% natural and renewable vertical grain wood fiber. There simply is no other core material that is more natural or renewable than Sing Core’s structural material.

While Sing Core has definitive advantages over other commercially available cores used in the transportation industries, it is making headway in residential housing arena’s and some commercial applications.

The key component of modern composites lies solely in the core value of the core material. As building materials evolve, the core material dictates the ultimate strength of the composite material. This is where true green Sing Core excels, as there are no more affordable options that are lightweight, Eco-friendly and stronger than steel pound for pound.

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“Team up with us to make the world a better place. I guarantee it.” – Peter Sing

plenty-of-entrepreneurs-are-on-the-lookout-for-that-perfect-green-business-opportunity-that-are-both-lucrative-and-eco-friendly_-300x287Sing Core composites are a combination of all the best building technologies, combined, i.e. torsion box, plywood and foam core. The basic design is that of torsion box.

Plywood: Is layer upon layer of natural wood veneer. While yielding a less expensive option to solid wood, there are many disadvantages to regular plywood. The most apparent is that plywood is not a lightweight product, and is not very strong. To address the issue of strength, plywood manufactures alternate the orientation of the grain between layers, i.e. one layer oriented N-S, the next layer W-E, etc… This does result in added strength, but creates a problem, in that when stress is applied to the alternating materials over time, it does lead to deterioration by delaminating due to the alternating grain paths. Also, plywood is not Eco-friendly as it uses a great deal of energy and adhesives to create the product. Sing Core utilizes the veneer from the plywood design to create its torsion box grids.

Torsion box: Torsion box design in woodworking is basically a number of wooden boxes assembled together to make up the core material sandwiched between two sheets of wood. This is a labor-intensive process for craftsmen, but does produce a lighter-than-solid-wood product that has increased strength due to the torsion box interior. Sing Core greatly improves upon torsion box technology by using vertical grain wood fibers, instead of horizontal grain of traditional torsion box, greatly increasing the strength.

Foam core: Another exciting development in building material was the invention of foam core, which has attributes that are quite desirable, most notably, lightweight, insulation and sound deadening. The problem, here is that foam core left to itself has very little structural strength at all. By filling the torsion box voids with this foam material, the torsion box construction becomes more stable than ever increasing shear strength exponentially, while adding the positive benefits of foam core.

The Sing Core Business Opportunity

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