The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your sing table to meet your specifications, whether it is an extravagant dining room table, lightweight high-strength folding table or high-end custom butcher block table.

Throughout the Hospitality Industry, Sing Core’s tables are making a huge impact, making it possible to have a lightweight, high-strength table that – even if extremely oversize – will not warp, bend, twist and can easily carried, stored away or reconfigured on-the-fly. These unparalleled new technology tables are turning up in the finest hotels, motels and resorts in the United States.

Proudly made in America, fine dining establishment are embracing the Eco-friendly table top materials in their restaurants, banquet rooms, nightclubs and luxurious casinos.

We are proud to serve the most prestigious millworks in helping them to achieve their highest and best for their discerning clients.

If you are looking for the next generation in table technology, check with your favorite table manufacturer and ask about their Sing Core lineup.

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