Sing Core is proud to be delivering the best trade show booth solutions to the most discriminating trade show clients around the world. Known for our expensive, high end trade show displays around the world, we’re introducing a standard modular trade show booth solution that is more affordable, yet has all the characteristics of our elite custom trade show displays.

Our standard modular trade show booths are available and there are many preconfigured trade show displays for you to select your display booth from.

Trade Show Booth Design

Save money by selecting the trade show booth design that best exemplifies your trade show booth ideas. Of course, we encourage you to join our many custom trade show display clients to have an exquisite portable display built to your specifications based on your trade show booth ideas, with a normal turnaround time of 4 to 8 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, a preconfigured trade show display is just what the doctor ordered. Allow 1 week for delivery by ground.

10×10 Trade Show Booth

For example, take a look at our 10×10 Trade Show Booth as a starting point for your nest trade show display.

As you can see, there are many designs to choose from, with many options, such as varying sizes of trade show walls, reusable crates and trade show lighting packages. Sing trade show booths are reconfigurable, so you can hook your trade show panels in different ways to give you creative control over your individualized trade show booth ideas. This modular display system integrates with other Sing portable trade show displays, so you can get more than one trade show booth design and combine them for expansive tradeshow displays.

Modular Display System

One of the most outstanding benefits of having a sing modular display system, is that all the trade show components, the connectors, the walls, the trade show lighting and individual trade show panels all interconnect with each other. If you prefer, you can even Build Your Own Booth by simply selecting the individual modular trade show display components in the quantities you desire.

Expandable Modular Display System Grows with You

We’ve heard amazing comments from our satisfied clientele applauding our lightweight trade show wall panels, for being so easy to handle, assemble and disassemble and their amazing strength, but the best comments are about how easy the modular display system is to expand from, say, a 10×10 trade show booth to a 10×20 trade show booth very easily, without having to buy a completely new modular display system, just order the panels and/or components you need for expansion to 20 feet to 100 feet, or more.

Say “Goodbye” to Trade Show Booth Rental

Many of our clients thank us for making our standard trade show booths accessible to other trade show vendors, just like you, who may have been attending show by using on site trade show booth rental services to participate. While trade show booth rental may not be as expensive as owning your own trade show booth, your Sing tradeshow booth could easily be paid for by two or three trade show booth rentals, and now you own an expandable modular display system that is flexible and grows when you do.

Say, “Hello,” to the World’s Best Trade Show Booth Guarantee

You can rest assured that your investment in your Sing modular trade show system is a sound decision, because your trade show panels are covered by Sing Core’s unprecedented 10 YEAR GUARANTEE. You know your trade show panels are covered, so you don’t have to worry about structure failure or warping trade show panels any more.

We provide you with the only Eco-friendly trade show solution that is lightweight (a fraction of other solid core trade show displays) high strength (stronger than steel pound for pound) and insulated for sound deadening for increased separation from neighboring vendors. Plus, you can build a separated enclosed office, or create a theater or conference room on site by adding the pieces that you need.

So, whether you take advantage of our preconfigured displays, build your own system from our menu of modular trade show components, or decide to reach to us for a custom trade show display, you know you have a friend and a partner for your next trade show in Sing Core.