Building oversized doors are one of the most challenging projects in the door industry. The larger the door, the more likely it is to warp, the more difficult it is to handle, the more expensive the process becomes. Sing Core has the technology you need to build the best oversized door that is structurally guaranteed for 50 years.

This paint grade sliding door measures 10′ x 12′

The cart is only 4′ x 8′


How do we do it?

Oversize and true flat is a challenge that we take on every day. We know the perfect combination of patented Sing Core and your desired skins, to maintain light weight, superior strength and true flat construction.

Many patent-pending tools are available to the Sing Core team to counteract the tendency of certain types of surface material to move according to changes in the environment. Natural wood grain is the most sensitive to moisture changes, and metal moves when hit by direct sunlight. Sing Core’s stiffeners and anti-warp technologies counteract any potential movement within the structure, and each resulting door is an individual work of art.

What is oversized?
As you know, any door over 7′ tall or 3.5′ wide is going to move according to changes in the elements any way, and the bigger it is, the more likely it is to warp. That’s why most big exterior doors are excluded from the standard warranty of the other components in a project, by way of a signed waiver. Not necessary if your oversized front doors have Sing Core inside.

So, whether you’re in search of a warp-free wood entry door, or a maintenance-free interior door, you can rest assured that you can have the most modern doors available with any available skins featured on your very own door, and you will never be limited to size, anything from barn door slabs to aerospace hangar doors.

Built with Precision

Even oversize architecturally spec’d doors deserve to be built with precision. At Sing Core our parts are cut with an accuracy of at least 0.007″. Working with this level of precision is the key to the longevity of our doors and the reason we can guarantee the straightness of our product.

No one else offers a guarantee on their product to match ours. This is evidence that they are not confident on the quality of their product. The larger the pivot door, the more important it is that the door remains warp free, and our patented technology gives us the confidence to know that when we make them they will be.

Choose Your Look
Our patented core technology can be skinned with almost any material. Whether you need paint ready, butcher block of any species, vainer, aluminum, steel, galvanized, HPL, or almost anything else, we can do it. For that modern metal pivot door look or a classic wood exterior, just tell us what you want and we will make it a reality.

Other manufactures need the exterior of the door to help support the interior. This limits options for finishing. Further, heavy doors will be even heavier with heavy finishes. By choosing Sing Core’s patented technology, you get the option to choose almost any exterior finish you desire.

If this door was not perfectly straight, it would not be able to stand on it’s own