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#1 Items: Sliding & Oversize Doors

Sing Core is in the unique position to help connect end users with the resources they need to get the job done.

vision-sing-core-architect-millwork-door-manufaturer-design-build-chartEvery day Sing Core receives many inquiries about integrating Sing products into different projects and applications. The world needs – and wants – Sing Core.

The misconception is that Sing Core provides a finished product to the end user. This is not the case. In reality, Sing Core is only the base material that is available to many different trades who actually design, create and manufacture the end products using Sing Core.

Sing Core opens the door to many different industries in a world where Sing Core applications are practically endless.

When an inquiry comes in from a client that product request is referred to the Sing Core qualified partner who is most qualified to create and deliver the end product to the client.

Every Sing product is part of a network that is responsible for the desire, design, creation and installation of each Eco-friendly solution.

Architects are the primary orchestrators of the Sing symphony.

The architect specifies (or often substitutes) Sing Core into the design as components for their building material quite often as doors but could be any type of application requiring high strength, lightweight and dimensionally stable due to its unique problem solving attributes.

How it works

For instance, if an architect in New York seeks a Sing Core door solution, we refer the job to a qualified millwork in New York who follows the architectural design and places an order for the appropriate Sing products with skin options, lock block implant(s) or even the custom lite opening(s).

The millwork installs the hardware, glass, pre-hangs, finishes and delivers to the contractor for installation. The mill work plays a major role in the whole process due to their expertise and knowledge of Sing products.

Sign Core is at the center of a team of talented individuals and companies, like architects, millworks, door manufacturers, contractors and design/build firms that help visionaries bring dreams to life while making the world a better place.

Uniquely positioned at the center of a huge horizontal network, Sing Core helps to cross-promote all our partners in all industries i.e., see: Door Links.

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