Sing Core is the only door manufacturer that can create aluminum doors that are true flat over long spans, and will not warp, twist or experience extreme deflection under stress. And, thanks to the lightweight properties in comparison to other solid materials available, Sing Core aluminum doors are lightweight, causing less strain on the structure and hardware, even though the size may be very large.

Doors made with Sing Core inside are the most revolutionary doors based on patented and patent-pending warp-free technologies. You will find that any kind of door can be made of Sing Core. In fact, the most prestigious large replacement doors where artisans replicate classic antique doors are increasingly made with Sing Core inside to create authentic recreations of doors that have the attributes of a Sing Core door.

The Epoxy Aluminum doors are made to withstand any weather condition. These doors are waterproof and don’t allow any moisture to surpass the surface. These doors can be used in variable weather conditions. For example, you can use these doors in humid climates, area by the ocean, or other waterfront properties. This patent pending technology can be used for any size door you may need and can be utilized for any skin you may desire. This could be Fiberglass, HPL, Wood Stave, Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Or even paint grade. This technology can even be applied to interior doors if necessary or the design is desired. We can make large sliding doors, pocket doors, metal sliding doors, wood sliding doors, wood pivot doors, metal pivot doors, or any other doors you can imagine.
We are one of the most innovative door companies.

The perfect exterior doors are Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, high precision, and guaranteed fail free for 50 years. Sing offers a full 50-year warp-free and structure guarantee. That’s fifty years of maintenance-free enjoyment of all your oversize exterior doors, which have Sing Core inside.

Large modern front doors are fiberglass and steel exterior doors which seem to be standard fare among the large exterior door manufacturers, but thanks to Sing’s core, front doors and exterior doors and now be made of nearly any building material, even solid wood stave. From metal doors, fiberglass doors, and wood doors to pivot doors, sliding doors, and pocket doors Sing Core can help you build the best door.

While fiberglass exterior doors are the standard response to exterior door applications, followed by hybrid steel and wood doors, thanks to Sing’s door core which is specifically designed for oversized exterior doors, any front and exterior door can be made of natural wood grain. Large sliding doors are some all time favorites, along with large pivot doors. When it comes to large doors, Sing Core has you covered.

Sing Core does not actually build doors, they do empower door manufacturers and millworks who design and builds wood doors and panels to your exact specifications the ability to make any door of any material and guarantee such door to remain warp-free for 50 years, guaranteed. The structure strength is also covered including not having to worry about delamination as well. Our wood pivot doors are featured on some of the most high end homes.

While most end-users who seek out Sing’s core are looking for something lightweight that doesn’t warp to solve existing issues which have arisen in a current project, having a product to build such a door that is fully insulated offers a huge advantages, even if it wasn’t your primary focus when you first sought out the Sing Core solution to solve your door problems.