Sliding Barn Door

Sing Core interior barn doors are a bold fashion statement used by architects and designers that add elegance and beauty to nearly any environment with increased functionality due to the attributes of being lightweight, stronger than steel and Eco-friendly.

With Sing Core sliding barn doors, it is much easier on installation and expenses when hanging []


Sliding Door

Sing Core is the new way to design your door

Solid like a rock, light like feather so you don’t smash your finger.

If your sliding doors are large, you probably have to deal with the issues of added weight that can be problematic. Lightweight Sing Core’s torsion-box substrate is the answer to []


3 Types of Large Wood Grain Doors

There are 3 ways to build large wood grain doors.

When it comes to oversize doors, one door stands out above the rest for high-end applications; see comparison. Look for these features in your door for the most discriminating taste(s):

Available in any size (up to 16 ft.) Lightweight Strong (stronger than steel pound for pound) []


Large Wood/Aluminum Composite Oversize Doors

Sing Core makes the most dimensionally stable, eco-friendly aluminum doors that are used by the most prestigious millworks and high-end users. Only Sing Aluminum doors can be large, thin and extremely flat.

The beauty of Sing Aluminum doors is that they can be any height, any width, any thickness and can be manufactured in as []


Fiberglass FRP Door Any Size

Sing Core makes the revolutionary fiberglass (FRP) doors that supersede all other fiberglass doors while being lightweight, stronger than steel and eco-friendly. Sing Core Aluminum Doors reduce strain on hardware and structure minimizing maintenance costs over time.

Sing Core doors are available in any size or shape per your specification, in lengths and/or widths up to 50 feet. Sing Core []


Carriage Doors

Sing Core Carriage Doors are hands down the top choice of discriminating home owners and high-end users demanding elegance and superior performance.

Sing Core Carriage Doors are imbued with unique characteristics that separate them from any other commercially available standard carriage door in the world. For instance,

Sing Core Carriage Doors are available in []


Architectural Door Specifications

General Specifications

Standard Sing Core doors are manufactured with patented Sing Core material as the base interior substrate of the door. The Sing Core substrate material is created using a vertical grain natural wood torsion box design while the traditionally empty voids are filled wall to wall with recycled foam. The foam material is available []


How to Build a True Flat Wood Door

One of the challenges in building any wood product of any dimension where the customer desires a perfectly flat surface over long spans is insurmountable in many circumstances.

This is the proven niche specialty service provided by Sing Core to the worlds most high-end, demanding, high-profile millworks and end users for years. Due to the []


Large Oversize Aluminum Doors

Sing Core makes the largest, most dimensionally, stable large oversize, eco-friendly aluminum doors that are used by the most prestigious millworks and high-end users. Only Sing Aluminum oversized doors can be large, thin and extremely flat.

The beauty of large oversize Sing Aluminum doors is that they can be any height, any width, any thickness and []


Large Oversized Doors

Sing Core specializes in custom 1-off high-end large oversized doors, sliding doors and aluminum doors. Why? Because no other door manufacturers does huge eco-friendly doors better. The Sing Core Door manufacturing plant is set up especially to make doors that are up to 50 feet tall, yet true flat, lightweight and stronger than steel.

Huge doors present a variety []


True Flat Oversize Doors

Sing Core 37 foot tall true flat doors

We guarantee that we are the only company in the world that can deliver true flat oversize doors that meet your expectations, if you desire a true flat solution, especially in the large, oversize door.

One of the biggest challenges we see from designers and []


Pivot Door

When it comes to custom, high-end, oversize, one-off pivot doors, Sing Core is the ultimate resources for your most extravagant pivot door designs and solutions.

What makes Sing Core Pivot Doors so unique?

Sing Core Pivot Doors are the standout selection of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and the Pope because of our unique qualifications, like, []


Large Oversize Sliding Doors

Sing Core is the secret ingredient inside our large, oversize sliding doors and other large doors that are true flat, eco-friendly and built to last.

If you are looking for a large sliding door solution that gives you the Sing Core sliding door advantages, like light weight, superior strength, long life and flat, then you’ve []


Large Oversize Sliding Door Testimonial

Check out the new doors for one of the world’s largest distributors of mint oil! We were really happy to build two sets of large oversize doors for an essential oil warehouse recently. One pair of panels became the double door set opens to the sides (left), while the other set of three rolls off []


Large Oversize Custom

While standard size Sing Panels measure 4 ft x 8 ft and our most versatile product is the 2×12, our large, oversize and custom-sized Sing Panels are unique to Sing Core in that they are often the only practical solution when faced with the challenges of creating a larger than normal project, like an oversized []