What can I expect to receive when I order Sing products?

Sing Core only ships authentic Sing products to millworks and door manufacturers. Why? Because Sing products are raw building materials in unfinished condition. You cannot order a completed Sing door from Sing Core. Even though we are renowned the world over for the best doors, our web site clearly states,

“We do not build doors,” we only supply the best millworks and door manufacturers with the best professional door slabs which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

See also, What We Do: http://singcore.com/education/what-we-do

Don’t you have a standard Sing door?

No. Every custom door we build is like a one-of-a-kind work of art, though we are able to build many of the same type/style/size of doors at the same time, which can reduce pricing if purchased in bulk.

Don’t you want to make Sing Core available to the world?

Yes, we do, but remember, Sing Core is shipped in an unfinished condition and therefor is not ready for public consumption. It would be similar to ordering a 20×40 concrete slab, then being upset when the concrete truck shows up because you wanted a completed slab, not wet concrete. (The contractor knows what’s going on, but it might be a shock to the contractor’s customer.)

Isn’t Sing Core available in retail locations, like Lowe’s?

Yes, and no. We only ship to locations which have a full millwork shop inside to adequately finish the Sing products for their clientele. If the retailer does not have a full millwork shop for finishing Sing products, we will not intentionally ship unfinished product to that location.

What if I’m a contractor and my client wants Sing Core?

No problem, we will ship directly to your millwork, or the finisher of your choice. Once the Sing products have been finished, they can be installed by your installers.

How does architectural specification affect our bid?

If you’re a contractor bidding on a project where Sing Core has been specified, note that your quote from Sing Core is for unfinished materials. For instance, if a 20 ft x 10 ft x 4 in pivot door with birch wood stave has been architecturally specified, you will only receive the unfinished door slab with the appropriate interior supports for the hardware specified. You will still need to have the slab finished and prepped for hardware by your millwork, you will also need to source and price hardware, and account for framing and installation to complete the job.

What if my warp-free products show up warped?

Professional millwork companies know it is common for panels to display some warp when unpacked due to being crated and transported. It is the nature of raw materials which are packed, and traverse varying climate conditions while being shipped. Acclimatization of Sing products (separating them, standing them on edge for 72 hours, and allowing them to acclimate to your climate will allow the products to return to their true flat condition).

What if my Sing products are defective?

In the event that your professional Sing panels are warped beyond AWI standards, or the architectural standards as notated by your work order, you may have a defective Sing panel. Working with our warranty department will help to determine if you have a defective sing panel. If so, Sing Core will fix, repair, or replace the defective panel to assure its architectural integrity.

Know What You’re Getting

We at Sing Core want you to know what you’re getting, wo that you can be prepared to enjoy the best Eco-friendly lightweight/high strength raw building material available and achieve its maximum potential and elegance.

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