What is Sing Core up to in 2023?

The last few years have been globally hectic, to say the least. Economies are shifting, a pandemic sent waves of uncertainty around the world, and now big things are in motion for nearly everyone. So, what does that mean for Sing Core?

The Road so Far

Sing Core has been making incredible advancements in our technology for over a decade now. Peter Sing’s innovative honeycomb core design has been used for many different applications, primarily as door and wall panels. We have created incredibly large doors, wide doors, doors with custom designs, and a variety of other unique projects to satisfy our growing family of customers. We’ve even had doors placed in celebrity homes and high end offices!

Last year, we helped many people find a custom door they are happy with, and we look forward to continuing that mission into 2023 and beyond.

Goals for 2023

In 2023, we plan to continue bringing amazing custom doors to customer’s homes, but also have other ambitious goals in mind. For one, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our manufacturing process, and every day spent hard at work is a day spent marching toward yet another innovation. In addition, as we continue to grow our production and work flow, our research team is looking into ways to make our product more cost efficient and last longer. Not that these are concerns we have, as Sing Core products are the industry leader in lightweight and durable door panels, but having an open mind on how we can improve our consumer experience is always valuable.

We also are always on the lookout for other uses for our panels and cores, and you may find Sing Core popping up in other aspects of the home, office, and construction industries.

Lastly, we are expanding our team to allow for faster production, better communication, and the best experience possible when you choose Sing Core for your home or office needs.

Changes to Expect

Some specific changes you may see coming are:

  • Updating our Website

You may notice some differences on our website as we look to remove outdated information, upgrade our user experience, and provide consistent updates and articles revealing information about secrets, products, and behind the scenes details about how we improve your home.

  • Growing our Social Media Presence

Nowadays, the quickest and easiest way to reach you community is through social media. We are acting on ways to expand our outreach and connect with you, the consumer, more openly and efficiently. Make sure to find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to see all of our posts and engage with us!

  • Updating Business Assets

Sometimes, change is good. You may notice some changes to the appearance of familiar things, such as the website, media accounts, images, and branding. Regardless of what things look like, and no matter how our presentation may change, we will always be Sing Core, and we will always bring you incredible products that you can rely on.


Sing Core has been around for over 10 years now, and we couldn’t have made it this far without you, our incredible customers. So whether you’re an expert architect, brilliant businessperson, or a loyal and loved customer, you inspire us to keep innovating and be the best that we can be. Our products have integrity, resilience, and strength at their core, and we hold those same values at our core.

Here’s to an incredible 2023.