What We Do and What We Do Not Do

We get so many inquiries about people who want Sing Core, we thought it might be helpful to help you better find ways to get Sing Core into your hands. With that in mind, let us tell you a little more about what we do and what we don’t do.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

What We Do

We do the job that no one else can do. We do not do the work that is better left to more qualified and skilled trade professionals. The reason our clients seek us out is to perform the parts of the job that would not be possible without the use of patented Sing Core. It is the unique combination of what we do best and what the experienced trade professionals do best that results in creating the best if the best, highest quality end products possible.

We have solved the age old problem of warping doors, high end large doors that are lightweight yet extremely strong with the best warranty in the high end door industry. This same invention helps other industries meet or exceed the high expectations or requirements of their most demanding clients.

Sing Core is a patented solid torsion box hybrid core that is lightweight and high strength. We have developed and manufacture this revolutionary building material here in our Pacific Northwest factory. Part of our manufacturing process includes laminating flat exterior surfaces, or skins, to our proprietary core. Our clients often trust our lamination expertise and request our adhering additional flat building materials to the faces and edges, though many of the manufacturers whom we supply apply their own materials to the surface areas of our Sing panel.

We do offer custom interior blocking inserts, custom channeling for utility and wire chases, as well as custom lite cutouts for glass installation per architectural specifications.

We build the biggest lightweight high-strength panels, which can be built as giant slabs (subject to transportation limitations), large oversized doors, or as modular components to be shipped to and assembled on site.

We build to architectural specification only. We only ship to millworks, door companies, custom door builders and manufacturers of almost anything from furniture to bridges and aircraft.

We do build high performance sustainable Sing products with the flattest, straightest, lightweight high-strength material available (Sing Core) with the highest tolerance (+/- .006 in.).

We do participate with architects and engineers on the specifications of products which are built for specific applications for a guaranteed life-span (i.e., 50-year warp-free guarantee) to make certain the Sing product meets or exceeds high performance expectations.

We manufacture all Sing products in our factory in McCleary, Washington, assuring every item is proudly made in the USA.

We ship Sing products directly from our factory to our customers in the United States all over the world.

What We Do Not Do

While we can do a great many things, we leave certain areas of expertise to the industry professionals whom we supply with patented Sing Core products. That said, we do not build any finished product. While we are renowned for the most magnificent large doors built, and the only Eco-friendly lightweight high strength doors in the world, we do not build doors. These luxurious doors are finished by find crafts people who have the highest level of skill and competence which makes our product so beautiful.

We do not do any finishing of any Sing product(s) or build any finished Sing products.

We do not engineer, certify or have any stamped or code-approved stock items. For instance, we do not sell fire-rated doors, even though we build doors to engineer approved fire-rated specifications, which are rated, approved and/or stamped, but this is done by the door companies or other clients.

Likewise, we do not build sound-rated doors, even though we have built doors to architectural specifications which are used and may be rated as acoustical doors and sound proof walls (we even have a local sound testing and rating laboratory nearby, which may be used at customer’s expense). We supply the best door panels for door manufacturers and millwork to meet their client’s demands such as fire rating, sound proof, even bullet proof, etc…

We do not install glass in Sing products, although we can custom pre-cut and/or frame for lite cutouts, which are ready for glass installation by the company responsible for finishing the product.

We do not have stock items, with very few exceptions (i.e., trade show panels) and we do not ship to residences unless it is a job site being managed by our wholesale-approved client.

We do not sell retail. We are licensed only for wholesale and do not ship Sing products to anyone who is not in the business and qualified to expertly finish and ensure proper installation of Sing products.

What We Love

We love helping our architecturally advanced clients enjoy the most prestigious, high end Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength insulated products, panels, posts and beams, and doors that can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.