“I am sharing some of my newest inventions with you that I’ve designed to put an end to global warming. This may be our only solution.
We need your help to share with your family and friends in hopes to reach our government and entrepreneurs. We need them to be aware that this invention exists and will be our future to acquire clean and renewable energy. Mountains are always growing since the beginning of time. See the video below for an introduction.”
-Inventor Peter Sing



Our invention utilizes gravitational forces like never before. Here is a reference to other gravity powered inventions that have been tried and true.



In China, they made an elevator that reaches to the mountain tops. An elevator like this could be used to convert gravitational force into electrical energy.

Similar concepts have been created, but are extremely costly and are not very efficient. In Switzerland, a company built a large crane, approximately 70 meters tall, that lifts 35 ton concrete blocks and gradually lowers them to generate electricity. But wouldn’t the crane require a massive amount of energy to lift the block?
You can read more about their methods here.


Recent thoughts-

“Thank you for the information and I will definitely share to all my contacts.”


I’m sorry, I just don’t see this working at any useful scale.

First off, it’s easy to convert falling water to energy, from using ancient water wheels to modern turbines, but the efficiency of getting useful energy out of lowering rocks would be low.

Once lowered, disposing of this huge amount of rock would be extremely difficult. I’m in the business of leveling land to creat lots, and we use huge amounts of diesel fuel for what would be a trivial amount of earthwork compared to what you are talking about.

The politics of such a massive disruption would be hard to imagine allowing success, even if the practical limitations were overcome.

What happened to your idea of harnessing energy out of rising and falling boats/barges. I could imagine this working, have you done any calculations on the amount of energy harnessed from the rising and falling of a given mass of sea water yet?”
-Dr. White