The multi-directional jet drone is designed to efficiently transport items into outer space and inner space. This jet propulsion powered drone can consist of a main body, shape can vary, and at least three pulse jet engines. An optional turbo or alternative jet can be installed vertically or horizontally, in relation to the main body.

The flying machine can be launched from the earth’s surface or from high-altitude. High-altitude launching is preferred if planning to enter outer space. High-altitude launch can be facilitated by any flying vehicle. A flying vehicle can bring the flying machine to high-altitude. The flying machine can then launch the rest of the way through the atmosphere.

The flying machine is designed to efficiently transport items, such as satellites, into outer space and in inner space. The machine can be a platform, exact shape can vary, attached to at least three pulse jet engines and an additional optional jet engine.

This flying machine can be launched from the ground or can be launched at high altitude from a flying vehicle. It is designed to operate in inner space and outer space. To launch into outer space, the flying machine can be placed on a platform supported by a high-altitude balloon. The high-altitude balloon can lift the flying machine through the atmosphere. Once the balloon reaches its peak trajectory, the flying machine can start its engines and separate from the balloon. The flying machine can then continue its journey through the atmosphere into outer space. By launching from the upper stratosphere, the flying machine will require much less fuel to reach the destination.

This can eliminate the need to send astronauts to transport items between space stations. This flying machine can be controlled by automation or by an operator.

This machine is not only designed to operate in outer space, but also in inner space. This machine can be used to transport items, take photo/videos, or even … The main body shape can be designed according to Bernoulli’s principle so that fuel consumption can be more efficient. If the body is designed according to Bernoulli’s principle, then the flying machine can be able to travel horizontally at a high rate of speed while consuming a minimal amount of fuel. This would also allow the flying machine to use an optimal angle of attack to launch from the balloon to outer space, decreasing launching fuel consumption.