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Welcome to our Industry-link pilot program. In an attempt to better serve the greater community, we’re going to place all of our helpful resources and networks online to give everyone in the industry easy, one-click access to everything you need.

We selected the door industry to begin with because working with so many door specialists assisting architects, designers, door companies and millworks to solve problems associated with challenging door projects, the doors made of Sing Core perform so well in the high-end applications for the most demanding door makers in the USA.

Please help us to make our Door Links the most valuable resource to our industry. If you have any ideas regarding how we could make it better, or to alert us of a resource that we have overlook, please Contact Us.

1 Building Components

6-1-1 Door

We are starting with the door industry. It is our intention

to bring link resources for all the industries that follow:

6-1-2 Floor

6-1-3 Walls

6-1-4 Ceiling

6-1-5 Roof

6-1-6 Window frame

6-1-7 Out door structure

6-1-8 Stair

6-1-9 Post and beam

6-2 Museum, trade show, store fixture

6-3 Signs

6-4 Transportation

6-4-1 Truck

6-4-2 Elevator

6-4-3 RV

6-4-4 Aviation

6-4-5 Marine

6-4-6 Rail

6-4-7 House Boat

6-5 Industrial

6-6 Furniture

6-6-1 Bed room

6-6-2 Living room

6-6-3 Dinning room

6-6-4 Kitchen furniture

6-6-5 Garage

6-7 Institution

6-7-1 Schools

6-7-2 Church

6-7-3 Medical

6-7-4 Judicial

6-7-5 Military

6-7-6 Mass media

6-8 Hospitality

6-8-1 Hotel, motels and resorts

6-8-2 Restaurant and bars

6-8-3 Travel and tourism

6-9 Log home

6-10 Tiny house

6-11 Panelized home

6-12 Post and beam home

6-13 Aquatic

6-13-1 Pool cover

6-13-2 Ground swimming pool

6-13-3 Water tank

6-13-4 Hot tub