sing-core-lightweight-wood-beams-are-eco-friendlySing 2×12 Lumber, Metal and much more….

The Sing 2×12 is not any type of soft wood or hardwood that you’ve ever known before; it is a basic material to build almost everything we use in our daily life.

1 Sing 2 x 12 x 1.5 inch panel

Why have we developed the Sing 2 x 12 x 1.5 inch thick Sing Plank?

  1. The Sing 2×12 is a superior match having the greatest amount of flexibility in diverse applications.
  2. Sing 2x12s can be produced in train load quantities. It has all the features of Sing Panels but at a lower cost. Sing 2 x 12 planks could use as substrate. Sing 2x12s can be edge-glued or end-glued to join and create any length or width. It is easy to append with any skin to accommodate any thickness. It is the most lightweight (1.5 lbs. per linear ft.), true flat and strongest insulated lumber ever invented.

Click here to see our Sing 2x12s in action in our 2×12 Photo Gallery.

2 Bamboo-style Sing 2×12 plank.

Why have we developed the Bamboo-style Sing 2 x 12 x 12 inch?

The only drawback when cutting 2 x 12 Sing Planks is exposing a portion of the Sing Core. When cutting the Sing 2×12 you need to remove a portion of the Sing Core and add insert a solid edge to end cap the exposed end. We have developed the solution by adding solid wood implants to create a Sing 2 x 12 like bamboo, providing cut points which will not expose Sing Core. It will have solid wood pre-installed at end of the Sing Panel cut point.

Due to the feedback of woodworkers who have heavy production schedules, we developed a new and improved Sing 2×12, that we call the Bamboo 2×12.

In much the same way that bamboo’s strength-cut-points occur naturally, Sing has scientifically redesigned the Sing 2×12 into its most prominent advancement, The Bamboo-style 2×12.

Sing-Bamboo-2x12-drawing-1You can see in the drawing (above) that 2 bamboo-like nodes have been put in place in the Sing 2×12 interior in the center-foot-area.
Cutting areas are precisely marked for your convenience. This allows for easy cross-cutting into lengths that are predetermined by the woodworking artist.


For instance, when cutting lengths of 1’, 3’, 4, 5’ or 8’ the nodes (or wood stiles) are pre-installed for convenient cross-cutting into these standard lengths.

Using the standard Sing 2×12, cutting an 8 foot length into two 4 foot lengths, would require the production team or woodworker to install wood styles at the cross-cut point, which may slow-down the production time.

Now, with the new and improved Bamboo-style 2×12, these challenges have been resolved, streamlining the production process


In the example (above) you can see how easy it is to edge-glue (using standard carpenter’s glue) Sing Bamboo 2x12s together into a large panel that could be used as a tabletop, counter, door, etc…

Question: If I need to build a door or table at 36 inch wide x 84 inch x 1.75 inch, what should I use Sing 2×12 plank or Sing Bamboo-style plank?

Answer: The Sing 2×12 Plank, because the Sing Bamboo-style 2×12 added cut-points would be superfluous (plus, the Sing 2×12 is less expensive).

Aesthetically, the Bamboo-style 2×12 and the Sing 2×12 look the same. If you require the Bamboo-style 2×12, you must specify when ordering.