AluminumHoneycombCompositePanelSideEco-friendly insulated aluminium Sing Panels are both lightweight and high-strength – more so than any other affordable building material in the world – are solving challenges facing architects, designers, contractors and industries, especially when facing issues with weight, strength load bearing capabilities or extreme weather protection.

Due to the unique properties of the Sing Aluminium Panel, we are being sought out as the most fast, cost effective way to erect aluminium outdoor storage sheds, garages, carports, metal buildings, mobile offices, even underground bunkers and fallout shelters.

Our popularity is vastly growing as engineers discover that complete portable storage units, temporary structures, metal buildings, office cubicles, temporary buildings and so much more.

Outdoor Storage

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASing aluminium panels are renowned for building structurally sound buildings in very little time with few man-hours and can b built by one person alone, or easily by two. Similar to our Tin House Kits, outdoor storage shed kits can provide you with all the aluminium panels that you need.

Why are Sing aluminium outdoor storage units so popular?

Because due to the internal insulation and torsion box/foam structure of Sing Core, each panel is a complete stand alone wall, floor, ceiling or roof.

Many outdoor Sing metal storage buildings can have a lot of functional applications including portable storage units, outbuildings, portable storage sheds, weather proof wood sheds or temporary storage buildings.

This is an excellent alternative to other portable buildings for sale, storage building kits, prefab sheds or other storage shed kits that are over-priced and take months to build.

If you’re contemplating your next portable storage building, you should be using Sing aluminium panels for your portable storage, wood storage sheds or portable shed.

Warehouse Office Structures

sandwich-panel-storage-equipment-enclosureWhen you need to build an in-plant office, temporary cold storage, clean room, enclosure or partitions, Sing Aluminium Panels make this project quick, easy and painless. If solving your space and staging challenges is both important and rapid resolution would increase your bottom line, this is the answer.

Simply assemble the Sing Aluminium Panels in the configuration that would best suit your needs in the moment and you are ready to go with your temporary structure, mobile office or office cubicles. If you requirements change, or you develop a better way to reduce necessary floor space, reconfiguration is a snap.

Think of your Aluminium Sing Panels as modular walls for custom enclosures that can be reconfigured on-the-fly. Within hours your mobile offices can be converted to portable classrooms, industrial enclosures or used as a project enclosure box.

These interior aluminium enclosures can easily be assembled and left as permanent, or disassembled and reassembled as entirely new staging areas, partitions, room dividers, as a temporary office, portable rooms or instrument enclosures.

Commercial or Retail Metal Outbuildings

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASometimes in the real world of business you need outdoor temporary buildings to address a specific need that faces your organization. Sing aluminium metal building kits could provide you with the structure that you need in a short amount of time, and your solution can be realized with very little labor hours expended.

You could quickly assemble a mobile office, or have a stock of Sing Aluminium Panels on hand to erect modular buildings on-the-fly that provide safety and security for either inventory or staff.

It makes sense to have Sing Aluminium Panels on hand for your metal building needs that can be easily reconfigured to meet your needs at a fraction of the price of other metal buildings for sale.

In this day and age providing safe and secure environments for staff is or primary importance to reduce labor and industry costs.

A popular concern that patented Aluminium Sing Panels has been effective in addressing is that of tending to the needs of staff, visitors or clients who smoke. You can have an aluminium smoking room up and running within hours as your authorized smoking shelter that can be placed in a discrete location.

Other popular uses of insulated Sing aluminium small buildings as outdoor shelter include bus stop, parking kiosk, rain shelter, while providing a weatherproof enclosure.

Imagine having weatherproof enclosures that can be configured as an instant shelter that can provide you with temporary shelters, portable shelters or even a portable storage building so that you don’t have to rush out to find portable buildings for sale.

These instant aluminium waterproof enclosures can also be used as a temporary project enclosure box.

Auto & RV Metal Building Kits

Sing Aluminium Panels enable you to build a structure using our unique, “Don’t be framed,” technology. This means that you can build a metal garage without any framing because the structural framing is built in to each insulated Sing Panel, so all you have to do is to assemble the panels in the configuration that you desire. Entire structures can easily be built in a day with very little labor.

Whether you’re storing your classic car, recreational vehicle or boat, you can quickly and easily assemble one of our aluminium garage kits in a day with one or two people. You can do it yourself without highly skilled metal-working skills. No welding required as our Aluminium Sing Panels feature solid wood edges (or not) are as easy to work with as plywood. No special skills or equipment is necessary.

Whether you are looking at carport kits, metal garages or metal garages in general, Sing Core can supply you with the materials to do it right – better than any other prefab garage – for the best possible car shelter.

Imagine having a portable carport that you can assemble, disassemble and take it wherever you go. Of all the metal carport kits that are available, only Sing Core can provide you with an aluminium metal garage that is better than those other prefab garages.

Sing metal storage buildings are modular and can be flat-packed and stored when not in use, giving you the highest degree of flexibility in aluminium outbuildings or portable garages.

Sing aluminium portable carports can be used as a motorcycle shelter, RV carports, boat shelter or just about any other purpose that you could imagine for a metal carport kit.

Sing Aluminium Insulated Shed Kits

SnowGreenStorageBox1Insulated Sing aluminium sheds are lightweight and easy to build in a matter of hours but are extremely weatherproof and stronger than steel pound-for-pound. Using space-age technology, this revolutionary approach to building a nearly indestructible metal shed is unparalleled.

Aluminium Sing Core fabricated outdoor storage sheds can be portable storage units for outdoor storage and are widely used as wood sheds

Aluminium wood storage sheds are available as storage shed kits that include all the Aluminium Sing Panels that are necessary to build your insulated metal shed that can be built easily in a few hours without any framing, like other prefab sheds.

Your Sing portable shed can be an aluminium portable generator enclosure or portable shelter if need be. Sing aluminium storage shed kits have been used to build everything from portable storage sheds to industrial sheds, etc…

Survival Shelters

Gaining a wider audience in the survival community, Sing aluminium panels are the safest, easiest and quickest way to build underground bunkers or an instant fallout shelter.

Sing Core’s Smallest House in the World introduced the world to a safe, insulated, weatherproof small structure that could be built in five-and-a-half minutes that could be easily heated and used as emergency housing, temporary shelter, portable storage, garden shed, play house, etc…

This garnered the attention of survivalists, who started to use Sing aluminium panels to create catastrophe proof structures that could be built discretely and rapidly.

Projects resulted in many different function of the same basic shelter, including bomb shelter, emergency shelter, underground shelter or any number of other variations on this aluminium instant shelter idea.

If you’re thinking about building a survival shelter of your own in a day instead of months, you might consider using Sing aluminium panels to build your emergency shelters, underground shelters and/or bomb shelters.