Building a Sing Portable Storage Unit is a snap, due to its modular design!

Step 1

Put the base of your storage unit together with screws and glue.

Step 2

The base of your storage unit is designed to be durable and strong.

Step 3

After the base is complete it is time to install the flooring of the storage unit.

Step 4

The floor of the storage unit is constructed of sturdy plywood and can support you storage items.

Step 5

Once the floor is completed we can attach it to the base.


Step 6

Here is the flooring now attached to the base of our unit.

Step 7

Next we can begin attaching the wall sections of the unit.

Step 8

The wall sections are fully insulated honeycomb panels.

Step 9

After the walls are up then comes the roof.

Step 10

Here is a picture with the roof attached to our storage unit.

Step 11

The next step will be to put a door on and paint the unit whatever color you like.

Step 12

Now the door is on and we have applied a coating of white paint.

Step 13

Notice the precise lines of our storage unit.

Step 14

The storage unit is designed to be picked up with a forklift.

Step 15

The storage unit is light enough to be picked up by a few people and loaded onto a trailer or truck..

Step 16

Paint the Storage unit any color you want and add your logo to brand your storage unit!