Installing your new Sing Honeycomb flooring is very simple and goes together quick!

Step 1

Order your flooring. Here is a shipment of Sing Honeycomb insulated wood flooring. Each panel is 4ft x 8ft. Sing honeycomb wood flooring is the strongest most lightweight insulated wide plank floor in USA.

Step 2

Step two to installing the Sing wide plank floor is to lay 2×4 sleepers on top of your concrete floor and shim if they are not not level. Fasten the 2×4 sleepers with 3" concrete nails. This will provide the support for your panels.

Step 3

After you have finished Fastening the 2×4 sleepers it is time to add The 1 1/2 insulation between them.

Step 4

This is what the floor should look like once the 1 1/2 inch insulation has been installed.

Step 5

Now we can begin Installing the Wide plank floor panels . Sing panels are the largest wood floor panels in USA. Floors are pre-coated with urethane at the factory.

Step 6

Sing Honeycomb jumbo insulated wood floor panels are 4’x8′ fir wood flooring. (One side is fir and other is plywood.) It is the easiest floor system to install in the world.

Step 7

4 foot in width it is the widest floor panel ever made. It is the easiest way to lay a completely finished wood floor.

Step 8

Wide plank floor panels can be notched to fit the corner of the room.

Step 9

Save your money and time, use our high precision floor panel system.

Step 10

The wide plank flooring panels pictured here are staggered to create a pretty pattern.

Step 11

Fasten the edge of the flooring panel to the 2×4 with glue. This floor will not only never squeak it also is least troublesome to maintain.

Step 12

Pictured here the wide plank floor panels are cut to fit the corners of the fireplace. Our Sing Honeycomb panels can easily be cut to fit.

Step 13

It is another challenge but it can be easily fit by using wide plank Sing Honeycomb floor panels.

Step 14

Another perfect fit of wide plank floor. You don’t have to be a professional floor installer with our flooring system.

Step 15

This is a finished Sing Honeycomb wide plank floor. Notice how pretty the Sing wide plank floor looks. It is the easiest way to install a DIY wood floor.

Step 16

Do it Yourself Wide Plank Flooring. A DIY floor saves you labor costs and time . Have a high quality floor at a wholesale price!