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Honeycomb-Skin-Material-Options-Large-Factory-Paint-GradePaint Grade Panels

The paint grade door is the standard Sing Core Panel that we make. It is our most popular option due to the low cost. Even though this is one of our more affordable options, it still performs better than any other panel on the market. It is light, strong, straight and eco friendly.

Honeycomb-Skin-Material-Options-Wood-Veneer-LaminateWood Grain Panels with Veneer

Our wood grain veneered panels are high end panels meant for staining. They come unfinished and ready for you to stain. This is a more expensive option for those that want that extra fine look of natural wood.

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Honeycomb-Skin-Material-Options-Solid-Wood-PlanksWood Grain with Wood Planks

Our Wood Grain panels made of wood planks are a popular option due to the fine wood grain look without the high cost of veneer. These planks are more expensive than the basic paint grade panels but have a unique look and feel without losing the properties that drives people to buy sing core panels in the first place. You can join the panels to create a floor of almost any width. This also provides more options of floor thickness than any other flooring provider. Less solid wood means more eco-friendly.

Honeycomb-Skin-Material-Options-Metal-AluminumMetal Panels – Steel or Aluminum

Custom Size and thickness of steel skins to reach the fire code you desire. Solid and sturdy they are the only high strength, lightweight, eco-friendly, affordable door in the world. Any size of window can be cut in the door using a CNC machine. The structure of sing honeycomb can sustain big impacts. Design your own bulletproof door with Sing Core steel panels. These panels are like solid steel blanks but without the weight.

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Lightweight and solid fiberglass skins cover both sides of Sing Core doors. It has great weather protection properties and is almost impossible to dent. Use urethane as insulation to reduce energy loss. Windows are easy to create based on your design.

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Our Ceramic Skinned Panels are ideal for use as fireproof doors. With the Sing Honeycomb as a substrate it will reduce the impact which is the major cause of cracking on ceramics. See our YouTube channel to see the unbreakable mirror video by Sing Honeycomb. This is the same principle that will keep ceramic panels strong.

The skin selection of Sing door  besides our regular wood grain skin, our  customers have a choice such as wood veneer , solid wood plank,  almost any skin can applied to our Sing core.  Choices of skins can make it bullet proof, chemical resistant, highly insulated and/or provide sound deadening qualities.

Sing core is highly impact resistant, extremely dimensionally stable and super lightweight, doors made with our Sing core has a longer life span.  If the outer surface is damaged it can be easily patched and repaired due to the structural integrity of the Sing core—the strongest eco friendly core ever invented.

Sing door cores thicknesses start from half inch and go to 6 inches.  The size of Sing door can be from as small as kitchen cabinet door to a door as 16 ft tall by 24 ft wide and virtually any size in between or beyond.

There are 4 types of door structures used in a Sing door:

1. Solid door less than 4 ft x 8 ft

2. Barn door which is more than 4 x 8 ft connected together by plywood strips, wood trim or metal braces, which is an easy way to build a super large door, but you will be able to see the joints.

3. Oversize Paint grade door is several Sing core panel joined together using biscuit joints which hides inside the door skin to join several panels together to form a large door.  Sing core panel joined together with biscuit joints is still more dimensionally stable than solid door which is extremely critical when building large oversize doors. The surface of a paint grade door has a very tiny seams that will need to be filled and sanded than painted but the seams will never show due to the stability of the entire door is made of Sing core panels.

4. Sing wood grain door are made of Sing core panels as substrate than glue on a thin veneer or heavier wood plank for solid wood effect. Sing wood grain looks more precision than solid wood door but more dimensionally stable and lighter in weight, and with more insulation and better sound deadening ability than solid wood.

Door Methods

Sing Honeycomb doors are versatile, and customizable. Even the technoly used to construct the door can cater to our customers’ individual needs. We offer four different door methods: pole barn grade, paint grade, wood grain grade, and plank grade.

How to Buy

Sing Door Panels are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.

Choose Sing for all your Door Panels! When using Sing Panels, you design your own door by adding the trim, paint, and hardware*. Sing Door Panels are great for millwork shops and door builders. Great pricing is available to distributors and retailers. Doors Pamphlet For Distributors

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