Ice fishing shantyTrue Flat Large Oversized Doors

Sing panels make large oversized doors! The challenge for high end door makers – especially large oversized doors – is attempting to provide a high precision, true flat solution that is fully insulated, lightweight and high strength. Even the best millworks in the world are looking for solutions. Primary concerns are raised [… click here for more…]

magnetic whiteboard lightweight high strength eco friendlyMagnetic Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Dry Erase Board

Sing Core helps you bring your dreams to life. Rarely does a day go by when we aren’t helping an architect, artist or designer to build a work of art that would otherwise not be possible due to the limitations of existing building materials. One of the growing market segments that we are seeing, here at Sing Core, is in the area of [… click here for more…]

honeycomb panels slot panels lightweight high strength eco friendlyLightweight High Strength Sing Honeycomb Slot Panel

Introducing the Sing Slot Panel One of the newest, creative innovations to visit the Sing Core design is that of the Sing Slot Panel. What is a Sing Slot Panel? The Sing Slot Panel is basically a standard 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.75 in. Sing Panel with a few significant changes and improvements. 1 Leading Edge Always on the leading edge of [… click here for more…]

how to build a carriage door with honeycomb panelsHow to Design Order and Build your Carriage Door

Patented Sing Panels are used in billionaire’s homes from coast-to-coast. You will find the most prestigious millworks in the United States using Sing products for their high-end clients. See our Clients List. Why do the best homes in the USA use Sing Doors? Patented Sing Door is the only door blank manufacturer in the world [… click here for more…]

how to build a carriage door with honeycomb panelsHow to Design, Order and Build your Tiny House

Patented Sing Core has endless applications. Because some of the finest, high-end tiny houses are built using Sing technology, we get a lot of calls about using Sing Panels in tiny house designs with varying degrees of preparation. We work with architects and designers who have the concept completed, and they order the [… click here for more…]

raised temporary floor install on top of work stations honeycomb panelsRaised Temporary Floor Celebration

New Application Dance Your Work Away Above Your Work Station If you have the headroom, why not do what some of our corporate friends are going to do by using our patented Sing Floor Panels and our elephant leg posts to erect the most unique temporary celebration floor… Where? Wait for it… ON TOP OF YOUR WORK DESKS! [… click here for more…]

high end millworks and sing honeycomb panels lightweight high strengthHigh End Millworks and the Sing Difference

The most high-end millworks around the globe know that it is impossible to deliver a lightweight door that is over 7 foot tall that is structurally sound and fully insulated that will not bend, warp or twist and yet over time; that is, until the invention of patented Sing core door technology. When you’re a high end architectural millwork [… click here for more…]

hangar doors lightweight high strength honeycomb panels eco friendlyHangar Doors

Sing Core makes the best most high performance airplane hangar doors for all types of aircraft. The unique application calls for the doors on your airplane hangar to be impervious to weather conditions requiring high-strength. Our experience with high-end aerospace clientele indicate that they also seek us out for [… click here for more…]

With Our Free Consultation Premium True Flat Doors are Guaranteed Not to Warp for 50 YearsWith Our Free Consultation, Premium True Flat Doors are Guaranteed Not to Warp for 50 Years!

True Flat Challenge We do not sell finished doors, but provide door planks to door industries and mill workers with patented Sing Core panels to build the most true flat, insulated premium doors in the world guaranteed. Warping is a challenge for high-end door makers. However, premium Sing Doors are highly insulated [… click here for more…]

With Our Free Consultation Premium True Flat Doors are Guaranteed Not to Warp for 50 YearsSimply Make the World A Better Place

Sing Core has introduced leading edge technology that is truly a revolution in building materials. Providing this material to the world is in-line with Sing Core’s mission to make the world a better place for the earth and all creatures. Patented Sing Core is the only Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength building material [… click here for more…]

honeycomb panels storm doors for extreme weather proof protectionStorm Doors

Sing Storm Doors are severe weatherproof flush doors or French doors that can feature any size or shape of lite opening/window cut-outs that will accommodate impact rated glass. When discriminating architects, homeowners, designers and the most high-end millworks are seeking to find storm proof front doors or [… click here for more…]

Aluminum outdoor storage shed kits any size honeycomb panels lightweight high strengthAluminum Outdoor Storage Kits

Eco-friendly insulated aluminum Sing Panels are both lightweight and high-strength – more so than any other affordable building material in the world – are solving challenges facing architects, designers, contractors and industries, especially when facing issues with weight, strength load bearing capabilities or [… click here for more…]

Engineered plywood honeycomb panels torsion box plywood composite panels lightweight strongEngineered Plywood

Patented Torsion Box Plywood vs. Traditional Plywood. Engineered-plywood-cutaway-exposing-vertical-grain-torsion-box-and-foam-insulation Sing Engineered Plywood is the new technological breakthrough in building materials that provides aerospace, US military, high-tech corporations and high-end home [… click here for more…]

Engineered plywood honeycomb panels torsion box plywood composite panels lightweight strongNo More Warped Door

50 Year True Flat Replacement Doors Copper Door Building the most stable door is our specialty. With our patented true flat technology, Sing Core provides clients with insulated Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength doors that prevent wood warping doors. Often we are sought out for replacement doors to solve [… click here for more…]

concrete form work honeycomb panels lightweight high strength 50 yearsConcrete Formwork

Sing Core is the most installer friendly Insulated Concrete Form (IFC) on the market today. Save yourself time, money and, hassle from start to finish with our (IFC) panels. Sing Core (IFC) are designed to create the strongest structure possible, with less waste and faster install times. Sing Core (IFC) are available in [… click here for more…]

Engineered plywood honeycomb panels torsion box plywood composite panels lightweight strongMake Your Own High Tech Door Core

Guaranteed: Less labor, less material cost to build the best lightweight, high-strength (any type of) door using patented Sing Core technology and you can be licensed to manufacture it yourself. Inventor Peter Sing would like to talk to your owner/CEO about partnering with your door company [… click here for more…]

lightweight high strength engineered plywood to build tiny housesTiny House Competition

We are so thrilled to see that sustainably conscious Tiny House designers and builders are embracing patented Sing technology to build the most sophisticated tiny houses in the world. The advantages of building a Tiny House using Sing Reinforced Structural Insulated Panels are well known. No other system offers [… click here for more…]

Green grow box made of lightweight honeycomb panels stronger than steelGreen Grow Box Insulated Growing Room

A Sing Grow Box Growing Room provides the organic vegetable home grower with a completely controlled environment allowing you to grow and nourish their independent eco-system. Inventor, Peter Sing is making his high-tech reinforced structural insulated panels (the same ones used by NASA, Boeing and [… click here for more…]

Composite honeycomb panels furniture for CNC and 3D printing lightweight high strengthThe Next Generation in Furniture

The furniture industry has remained mostly unchanged for the last 60 years, yet many highly-skilled craftsmen are finding continued employment more difficult to maintain due to technological achievements. In the last 60 years, there have been major advancements in furniture making technology that has [… click here for more…]

Engineered Wood Lumber and Building Suppliers millworks door manufacturers store fixture manufacturersEngineered Wood Lumber and Building Suppliers

The best consumers of Sing products are millworks, door manufacturers, store fixture manufacturers, sign companies, cabinet shops, boat suppliers, composite material distributors, lumber yards, etc… Potential consumers all over America are looking to buy Sing Panels via local distribution channels, saving crate, [… click here for more…]

Quantity Commercial Doors Win the Bid

New patented door technology teams up with you to win large quantity door contracts even if you have a small work force. We can build any style/type of door by the thousands as high end door blanks in matter of days or even completed doors ready to install. This is a new revolution of door manufacturing technology [… click here for more…]

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