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Sing core has added new facilities, improved management efficiency, and completed many projects this year. Click to see what we have accomplished.



Your AWI Partner for Large Doors

Sing Core is your AWI partner for achieving high end results in large applications. We specialize in supplying large doors to fellow AWI member millworks and trade professionals for use in their projects.

Sing Core offers a wide selection of skins and custom shapeslight openings, thickness, and size (almost unlimited) to accommodate any extreme door design. Nearly any size or style of door can be made from  Sing panels or Sing stiles and rails.

Large doors at risk of warping can be manufactured of Sing Core for insulatedlightweight,  strong, and ultra-high-precision, with increased longevity and sustainability for Eco-friendly doors.

Professional doors made with Sing Core inside can be covered by our warp-free 50-year guarantee.


Get Sing Core Local ‏

Well into our 3rd year as fellow AWI members, we have been supplying standard size (4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.5 in.) super strong Sing Panels that weigh much less than plywood (54 lbs. vs. 154 lbs.) yet are stronger than steel pound for pound.

Patented Sing lightweight panels or honeycomb panels are lightweight, high-strength Eco-friendly building material with endless applications and we need your help in finding more distributors to carry our standard Sing Panels. We will give you an extra discount and free gift for helping us.

We’d like to see you able to get Sing products from your local lumber and specialty plywood supplier who will warehouse for you; saving storage space, shipping and handling – and you can get it whenever you need it – on demand.

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Free Shipping ‏

We’ve been supplying Sing Panels to high-end millworks from coast-to-coast for endless wood working applications and much more; see clients list. Now we are inviting you to join our woodworkers and millworks saving you shipping and handling (which could amount to more than the material alone) on standard items.Standard Sing Products

Our standard products are most commonly used as door and/or table and counter top substrate and a host of other applications.

Want FREE Shipping & Handling?

Here’s how it works: Simply contact your local plywood supplier click here to find out how.


New Solution for Building Large Doors

It is a challenge to keep large door perfect true flat, lightweight and strong. The invention of Sing Core is the new solution for the Design/Build Industry to build the perfect Eco-friendly oversize sound deadening doors packed with insulation.

Large doors, floors, walls, even table tops all function as panels; most are constructed of plywood, particle board, OSB or real wood planks but none of those materials are as lightweight, strong or true flat as newly patented Sing Panels made of Sing Core.

See a list of top mill works in USA using patented Sing products to keep them on the top of the trade.


Architectural Door Substitution

Many of our recent jobs are based on architectural substitutions and/or the replacement of doors that have failed in the past. 

Even the best door maker in US comes to Sing Core for help, especially for high-end, oversize wood door.  We assure you have the most flat door that stays flat and stays away from recalls. See the list of top mill works who use Sing Core door service. 

Lightweight: Sing Core is made of 90% air (part of EPS or urethane foam vertical grain torsion box wall-to-wall filler) which is the most stable material. In terms of weight; Sing Core door blanks weigh-in at approximately 4 to 5 lbs. per cubic ft. vs. the average wood base core at 35 lbs. or more.

Structure strength:  Sing core has reached 660 PSI, tested by University of Washington, compared to paper core, foam core or aluminum core that hardly reaches 100 PSI in the door business.

Precision: Sing Core is within +/-  .005 inch 

True flat and stay flat guarantee.

The only door core, door substrate or door plank company in the USA that will guarantee the most insulated, sound deadening, lightweight, high strength door with extreme flatness and stay flat guarantee in writing; including wood-based doors and almost any other type of door made with different skins, even in the most challenging weather conditions.  


Need Your Help in Tiny House Competition

We need your help to build a Sing collapsible or flat pack Sing tiny house, preferably with built-in kitchen & bath with all plumbing and wiring in place – and we’re offering a prototype discount for sharing your design solutions. See Folding House Competition Video

The idea behind this design is having the ability to ship or tow on the road in flat-pack then erect a functional home in less than a half-hour.

Sing tiny houses are pre-insulated and built stronger than any conventional Tiny home pound for pound. (in fact stronger than steel) with urethane which is R-6.5 insulation value available for extreme climate.

Sing Tiny House has been contacted by people all around the world. The problem with International and domestic shipping will be solved by the new lightweight flat pack design and can be shipped by common carrier.


1/2 Off 4 AWI ‏

Thanks to all of our fellow AWI members who made us the number 1 trusted resource of large oversize Eco-friendly doors that are true flat, lightweight and stronger than steel. If you haven’t experienced the Sing difference, we’re offering you 50% off our top selling Sing Sandwich panel.

We think you’ll agree that Sing Core is the core solution for millworks and industry professionals.

  1. See a story of Leading edge high-end door makers who use patented Sing Core to solve their high end door problems and regain market share. You might be able to relate to this story.
  2.  Visit this new link provided by to serve AWI members.  It provides pertinent information about many applications. With our easy to find navigate contents list in our web site is designed like a textbook. Not many web sites specialize in serving the mill work industry. We’re improving every day, so please check to see how we are doing.
  3. See the new Sing method of door making technology in all types of doors, including French door, raised panel door, etc… Doors were never so easy to build and make true flat, strong, lightweight, insulated and affordable.


Revolutionizing door manufacturing Sing technology makes everything easier. See this new technology in action on these 120 year old wood church doors exposed to weather yet remain like new. Perfectly matching the old doors is done easily and even accommodating odd-ball size issues is easier with Sing Core.


AIA Members

Patented Sing Core is a member of AIA, providing fellow members with the solution for building materials that require lightweight and high strength, especially for large door application.

Wood-based doors made of Sing Core are the only doors that can be covered by warranty even if in all-weather service. Sing Core doors have endless design options and it is so easy to install window lite openings at any size and any location without using conventional stile and rail method. See a Sing Core wood-based door built to match a 120 year-old church entrance door which is exposed to the weather 100%.

Sing Core doors are the only guaranteed true flat door and staying flat is a challenge even for the best millworks in USA. This is why the top door manufacturers come to Sing Core for their oversize doors. … See a list of millworks using Sing Core service.

Sing Core has endless applications besides being used by high-end millworks.


Museum Exhibition

Why your museum should consider patented Sing panel, Sing plank, Sing post and beam?

Sing panel as your museum exhibition wall, furniture, shelving, especially for traveling museum which need to be lightweight, strong, true flat and easy assembly and take a part, and with highest precision(Sing core thickness within .005 inch plus and minus) last decades to come if not centuries.  See: Best Museum Exhibit Walls

Sing panels come backed with a 50 year warranty (for museum trade only) and are proudly made in the USA. Sing panels do not use particle board like most import panels from Europe. This is one of the reasons Sing museum products offer the best warranty in the museum panel industry.

Patented Sing Core is the secret ingredient in these superior exhibit panels that feature centuries old wood torsion box and space-age composites for an Eco-friendly exhibit wall alternative that can easily be assembled, disassembled and reconfigured with basic carpentry skills.

No complicated tools, parts, accessories or metal-smith skills are necessary, like those European imports, because the Sing museum system is based entirely on wood craftsmanship.

We are extending our special trade show discount available to you in exchange for photos of your Sing museum panels in action, and keep in mind that your system is guaranteed for 50 years (but they are designed to last for centuries).


Exclusive Sing Door Mfg

Please forward this email to the CEO, Sales Manager or person in charge of your R& D Department.

This email has been sent to you by inventor Peter Sing, the inventor and founder of

The intention of this email is to invite your company to become the exclusive door manufacturer to lead the door industry for decades to come.

If you Google search for lightweight high strength true flat door in either text search or image search, you will discover that Sing Core is in the top results.

Patented Sing Core is only about 15% the weight of particleboard, stronger than particleboard and cost less than particleboard if you consider shipping costs.

See a list of high end mill work from coast to coast use Sing Core.


Church Door

New Door Tech Solves 125-year-old Church Door Problems

Please see our case study about the new door making technology that solves 125-year-old ongoing church door problems. You might agree that patented Sing Doors are the future of door manufacturing.

Doors made of Sing Core are being used by major millworks to build the most challenging high-end doors from coast-to-coast. See Sing Door Clients List.

Sing Core specializes in oversize custom doors with free custom cut lite openings. Now you can see how easy it is to use Sing Core to build all kinds of doors.


IWF Email

For Door Professionals and Door Manufacturers

Lite openings for doors have never been so easy thanks to patented Sing Door Technology

Sing core specializes in custom oversize doors (up to 16 ft in length or larger) primarily catering to door manufacturers from coast to coast and with our patented true flat technology can be guaranteed flat – and to stay flat – per your specifications.

Now we are announcing custom window lite openings for any size doors at no cost  – including regular sized doors – such as French doors, sliding doors and exterior doors requiring glass openings.

See photos of highly precision Sing door planks with lites cut out: glass door technology increases your door business exponentially by allowing you to offer your customers custom lite openings – cut to any size and any shape – for no extra charge. And by adding molding and trim to Sing glass doors, you may design any door with any style and appearance.

Now, you can offer your clients the best door with window lights that is


Best of all, you can have your doors manufactured in 3 days or less for rush orders.

In fact, Sing Core doors – with custom glass openings – are much less expensive than imports, but proudly MADE IN THE USA.


Sing Museum Invite

Welcome to Seattle from


Patented Sing Core was invented and is manufactured in state of Washington and shipped worldwide. We are providing rental and standard Sing products for museum displays by using lightweight, high strength Eco-friendly patented Sing Core.

We are offering a limited amount of cutting boards for you to take home as souvenirs and free samples of Sing Core based on first come, first served. The Sing Core cutting board is true flat and stays flat (this is one of the most unique and outstanding performances of Sing Core) yet lightweight and stronger than steel. Just by dripping few drops of water in-between your counter top and our Sing cutting board, it will create enough suction to adhere to the counter top. It makes cooking more fun and pleasant without vibration and reduces undesired noise commonly associated with food preparation.

Sing products have hundreds of applications, museum displays is one of the most successful examples, such as portable displays for traveling museums, both in temporary and permanent displays.

It includes (but not limited to) walls, floors, ceilings, shelving, table tops, benches and all types of furniture; even used for crating and shipping expensive art work. Due to being manufactured with Sing Core you can avoid the effects of moisture and severe temperature variances.

See you at our booth # 2408 and 2410


New Glass Doors

Introducing the new affordable, top quality, patented Sing Door which is made in the USA and is competitively priced enough to compete with import doors.

This guaranteed most Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength door can duplicate the exact appearance of any other door.

The secret is based on the Sing Panel that can be custom cut for window openings in any size or shape without compromising the strength of the door.

All you need to is to fill out a simple Sing Panel work order in any dimension and thickness and turn it into almost any beautiful high-end door within hours.

This high end door at low cost door building technology is available for licensing to qualified manufacturers.

Contact us for more information,


New Door Tech

Our friend, a most successful representative for a major door manufacturer, refers some of his high-end clients to us for challenging oversize large door jobs. He serves his client’s best interests by providing the best solutions with honor and integrity.

Why are Sing Core doors widely used in the high end doors and specialty markets?

  1. True flat and stay flat, as we work with most sophisticated millworks and door manufacturers to help them build true flat doors that stay flat for years to come. See our Clients List
  2. Lightweight… For example a 1,600 lbs. solid wood door with patented Sing Core only weighs 350 lbs.
  3. High strength… Stronger than steel pound for pound.

Includes Eco-friendly and upgrades available for extreme weather (all weather door), large oversize, insulated (R-value to spec), sound deadening (STC 56 or higher could be reached), waterproof, fire retardant, bulletproof and available in any size or skin surface material.

Google image search lightweight, high strength, true flat door to see what Google recommends.

Please feel free to pass this information on to a friend if you like what you believe.


High-end Eco-Friendly Tiny House

The tiny house revolution is sweeping the nation, and Sing Core has the patented technology for high-end Eco-friendly Sing Tiny House solutions.

See the tiny house that upscale, green-minded tiny house enthusiasts are talking about.

Sing Tiny Houses are about half-the-weight (making it easy to pull on a trailer) of other tiny houses, yield more living space and offer years of service for centuries.

Whether you intend to build a small guest house in the backyard or put your house on wheels, like an RV home, Sing Core has the solution.

Google Image Search: lightweight true flat door

Basically, a door without a frame is a wall, laid flat is a floor or ceiling.

This is why the most sophisticated tiny house designers are embracing Sing Core Technology.


Carriage Door

We appreciate the garage door industry, especially the overhead garage door professionals who have become our distributors or recommend patented Sing Core carriage doors to their customers. Many people are converting their garages into livable space such as work shop, office space, guest room or even an extra bed room that need an air tight alternative to conventional overhead doors.

Carriage doors made of Sing Core are energy efficient, lightweight, high-strength and Eco-friendly. See: Sing Carriage Doors

Sing Carriage Doors offer more features than regular solid wood carriage doors, like:

  • True flat & stay flat
  • Lightweight (use regular hardware)
  • High-strength (stronger than steel)
  • Less Expensive
  • Insulation
  • Air-tight
  • Sound-deadening
  • Long life
  • Crack, warp and rot-proof
  • Available in any material
  • Any size (including large, oversize)

Why do more door companies use Sing Core?

  1. More Skin Selections such as wood, plywood, aluminum, FRP, stainless steel, ceramic, magnesium board.
  2. Fast Delivery stock items could be shipped within two days.
  3. Made in USA proudly manufactured at our facility in evergreen Washington State
  4. Easy to Install and less cost to ship than solid wood carriage door (our first carriage door customer was an attorney from Arizona, email for a photo of her doors).
  5. Light Weight you could use average door hinge hardware.
  6. More Versatile you could build bi fold garage door without worry the settling problem see pix.

Comparatively, our 4 ft x 8 ft x 1.75 inch carriage door plank retails at $352 each. That’s $211.00 dealer cost (marine grade extra charge). If you add trim for design look and finish the door, your Sing Core carriage door suggested retail price is $4500.00.

We guarantee Sing carriage door to be stronger, lightweight, insulated, and more long-lasting than any equivalent carriage door.

See our $980 Carriage Door promo

Selling Sing Carriage Doors means excellent profit margins for you and endless applications.

Plus you get all the benefits and advantages that are not available elsewhere, due our patented Sing Core and superior manufacturing methods. You might make more profit by selling one Sing Carriage Door than 10 or more conventional overhead doors.


Thank You For Contacting Sing Core

Hello and thank you for previously contacting

We have improved our web site featuring hundreds of Sing Core products and applications making it easy to navigate and learn about our Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength long lasting solutions making the world a better place.

Please forward this info to your friends if you like what you read or let us know if have any suggestions.


Core Value

Composite core has broad applications. Patented Sing Core has reached many different industries, though our most popular application is as door core.

One of our competing foam core sales representative refers some of his most respected high-end clients to us for some challenging applications which require 10 to 30  times more strength to contact Sing Core.

We respect his endorsement and make sure that we take care of his customer and are respectful of his generosity. He earns the trust from his long time customers by providing the best solution for them instead just making a sale which might not the best interest of his customer. This is a perfect example of people in our core industry that have high integrity.

We need your help to introduce this new technology to your friends and would be honored to give your clients those same high-end results by delivering the goods, especially in the areas of lightweight solutions and true flat sliding doors, pocket doors or any type of large flat door of any size that will stay flat for years to come.

Sing core has worked with most sophisticated millworks and door manufacturers to help them build true flat doors that stay flat for years to come. See our Clients List

Google image search lightweight, high strength, true flat door to view possible solutions.

We’d like to send you a sample for your examination, or exchange links with your company, keeping in mind that though we specialize in doors, Sing Core could be used in countless applications.

Please feel free to pass this information on to a friend,


Door Hardware

Dear door hardware professional,

As a reputable hardware supplier you know how to judge what is the best door and you might know some door manufacturers who could use patented Sing Core.

We have a friend in the door industry who is a friendly competitor. He refers some of his most respected high-end clients to us for some challenging large door jobs.

We respect his endorsement and make sure that we take care of his customer and are respectful of his generosity. He earns the trust from his long time customers by providing the best solution for them instead just making a sale which might not the best interest of his customer. This is a perfect example of people in our door industry that have high integrity.

We need your help to introduce this new technology to your friends and would be honored to give your clients those same high-end results by delivering the goods, especially in the areas of lightweight solutions and true flat sliding doors, pocket doors or any type of large flat door of any size that will stay flat for years to come.

Sing core has worked with most sophisticated millworks and door manufacturers to help them build true flat doors that stay flat for years to come. See our Clients List

Google image search lightweight, high strength, true flat door to view possible solutions.

We’d like to send you a sample for your examination, or exchange links with your company.

Please feel free to pass this information on to a friend,


Sing Door

To find a mill work or door manufacturer to build a large true flat door is a challenge for architects, door manufacturers, millworks and general contractors, especially if the door is over 8 feet tall.

Patented Sing Core door technology provides the solutions to achieving a perfectly straight big sliding door by using aluminum which does not soak moisture as most wood base door planks. It is difficult to remain flat due to the moisture change. Using stable aluminum as door substrate you will have the true flat and strong base to use as a paint grade door or add other layers of material to build high end wood grain doors.

If you are a master of the millwork trade then please consider Sing Core doors as the highest precision – within thousandths of an inch – especially if you or your client wants a door that is true flat (and will stay flat) has high strength and is Eco friendly. See: Clients list

We also build well insulated, sound deadening, high strength, lightweight regular interior and exterior door blanks for door manufacturers and mill works made of wood, metal and FRP for high end door applications.

Win the bid is a new project where Sing Core helps door manufacturers produce more for less to win large door orders. We could build thousands of high end door planks within days to help you work on large demanding door contracts without having to hire more skilled door builders. Sing Core doors are less expensive to ship due to being so lightweight.

A door is basically a “panel.” Without the door frame, it is a wall; lay it flat and it could be a large conference table, floor or ceiling, cut and ripped it becomes shelving or furniture components. Sing Core products have endless applications

Search Google: how to build a true flat door or lightweight high strength true flat


AWI Doors

Big over-sized doors are a challenge for AWI members (hardly any standard door mfg makes a door over 10 ft. tall) even though AWI members are more technologically advanced than other door manufacturers.

The good news is patented Sing Core works with other AWI members to solve the problem (see our clients list).

The challenges for large oversize doors are true flat, while remaining lightweight and having high strength to last 100 years also Eco-friendliness and Made in the USA. Google search: true flat lightweight high strength to see Sing Core’s expertise.

The invention of Sing Core can be used in many applications, such as metal doors, paint grade doors or as substrate for wood grain large sliding doors, pivot doors, bi-fold doors, large closet doors, carriage doors or super-large tables and countertops, etc…


Win the Bid for Doors ‏

Have you ever lost a bid to a large door company?

Winning the bid for a large quantity door job can be difficult, especially when many companies have down-sized to a reduced workforce.

Teaming up with Sing Core’s patented door manufacturing technology means we will work with you to competitively bid for big, high-end door jobs because we provide you with almost any style of door blank or finished door in any size and they arrive when you want, where you want at the lowest price and you get outstanding features, like:

  • Lightweight

  • Stronger than steel

  • Insulated

  • Eco-friendly

Please visit our web site to see how we work together with you to build hundreds of high-end doors for you within days, priced as low as $58 in any quantity.

The best millworks in all major cities use patented Sing Core technology to build their large guaranteed true flat doors now you can use this technology to win the bid for large quantity jobs for regular-sized interior and exterior doors. Oftentimes we take on large millworks’ overflow jobs to help meet the increased demand.



New Sliding Door Design

If you Google search: lightweight strong sliding door the results will educate you on the various approaches to dealing with the issues of weight and strength in the sliding door industry.

Foam-Panel-Interior-Structural-Torsion-Box-Sing-Core-RevealedOne finger easy open lightweight sliding doors by Sing Core true flat

Sing Core Sliding Doors use a patented technology that enables sliding doors to be as light as a feather (so you don’t smash your finger) yet straight as an arrow and guaranteed true flat for up to 50 years or more.

We are looking for new partners who want to help us bring this new high-end, Eco-friendly sliding door technology to the people. See for yourself by adding Eco-friendly to your Google search.

You will find that this new technology is more affordable than other traditional building materials that you may be using now. See our online comparison.

If you might be the person that we need to talk to call me as soon as possible at 360-495-3577360-495-3577 to help us make the world a better place . If you know of someone who might be interested, please forward this email to them and have them call.


Boat Building Marine ‏

Boat builders have similar challenges as builders of aircraft in terms of lightweight, structural, aerodynamics, sound and vibration dampening materials. The aerospace industry uses expensive lightweight honeycomb to reach the sky. Although these expensive materials are sometimes used in high-end yacht building, the material is simply too cost prohibitive for the majority of the boat building industry.

Here, on earth, less expensive materials are available, like honeycomb core, foam core, plastic core, paper core, and aluminum core but do not miss the boat if you have not heard of Sing Core. Google Search: lightweight strong honeycomb panels to see the latest advancements in this technological arena.

See: Sing Core vs. other types of core materials

Lightweight: Sing Core is approximately 4 to 5 lbs. per cubic ft. whereas the average plywood or MDF weighs approximately 45 to 48 lbs. per cubic ft. making Sing Core lightweight enough to be handled by one person.

High Strength: Sing Core reaches 660 PSI by the University of Washington and can be raised per your specifications. You can have confidence in Sing Core’s durability, longevity and is easily repairable by one person.

Affordable: A standard 4 ft x 8 ft x 2 inch thick Sing Sandwich panel is price comparative to the equivalent common plywood, making the price as lightweight as its physical characteristics; easily affordable by one person.

See: Lightweight Structural Marine Honeycomb Sandwich Plywood for Boat Builders

Forward this to your friends if you like what you read, or click here to unsubscribe and you will not receive another email from me.


Lightweight Plywood and MDF

Building materials such as plywood, MDF, particle board, LVL, Parallam and laminated beams are standard building materials that have been around for years. The newest technology on the forefront of evolutionary building materials includes honeycomb composite materials, like those used in the aircraft industry.

New Aviation Structural Material for Home Building Industry

Sing Core composite materials are many times stronger than those used by Boeing and in Air Bus and are available to you at a fraction of the price. See our comparison table.

Light, strong and affordable

Sing Core is raising the bar for composite building materials by combining the best technology with more traditional materials resulting in super hybrids, such as lightweight plywood, lightweight MDF, lightweight particle board, honeycomb plywood, honeycomb MDF and honeycomb particle board that all have superior structural strength. Tell me more …   Imagine the possibilities of a single person being able to work with a couple of 4×8 sheets of MDF at a time, a material with almost endless applications matching your requirements and specifications including moisture resistant, fire retardant and even bullet-proof. This new generation of material is available in wood, metal, fiberglass, and more…

Take the Google Challenge

Google search lightweight panel, lightweight door core, lightweight furniture, and you will see how this new technology is impacting the manufacture of structural materials especially in terms of lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendliness.

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