Sing Core is the manufacturer of patented Sing Core products, like Sing Core panels and Sing Core post and beam that could be used for nearly any application when you would like to take advantage of eco-friendly Sing Core’s insulated, lightweight, high-strength characteristics.

To Get Sing Core in Your Home

  1. Know what you want

    1. Have at least an idea or drawing of what you want
    2. Determine how many and what size of panels you will need for your project
    3. Know what exterior material you want on your panels
  2. Decide how you will manufacture your project

    1. Seek out a professional
      1. Architect, Designer, Design/Build, General Contractor, Mill Work, etc…
        1. Give them your drawing
        2. They will deal directly with us
  3. Congratulations!

    1. You are the proud owner of your new completed project that is
      1. Eco-friendly
      2. Lightweight
      3. High-strength
      4. Insulated
      5. High-performance (non-warping true flat doors, walls, furniture, etc…)
      6. Will last longer than anything made with any other material with these benefits

Regrettably, we are unable to provide patented Sing Core products for retail or directly to homeowners as we only support architects, millworks and door companies.  See full apology.

As the manufacturer we are unable to sell to the general public, only wholesale to businesses positioned, authorized and licensed to deal with consumers.

If you are an architect, millwork, manufacturer or distributor, you are probably qualified for a wholesale account to buy directly from Sing Core.

By specifying that you want “Sing Core inside” we will do everything we can to work hand-in-hand with your trade professional to get the results you want, including our 50 year warp-free and full structure guarantee. See a sample of our Clients List

Feel free to Ask Us and questions that you have, and we are sincerely grateful for your support in helping us spread the word for a better world.

The best way for homeowners to get Sing Core is to contact your local trade professional, like:

• Architect
  They can learn the best use of Sing Core product for your project. If you are working on a high end project then you need a designer or architect to fully develop the best results of your Sing Core products whether it is a door, prestigious furniture, or any building components.
• Millwork
  Millworks have the right equipment and experience to use Sing Core to build almost any product that you are looking for with the highest quality and result.
• Manufacturer
  Find the trade professional expert who specializes in the product that you are looking to achieve for the best quality.
 > Door & Window Manufacturer
 > Table Manufacturer
 > Garage Door Manufacturer
 > Furniture Manufacturer
• Homebuilder
• Contractor
  (make sure they have millwork support to finish your Sing product at a proficient standard, otherwise they may not be able to achieve the expected quality or performance.)

Find a trade professional in your area, simply Google millworks in (insert your geographical location). For instance, if you live in New York your search would look something like:

Google millworks in new york

Thank you,

Your friends at Sing Core

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Some of the industries we supply include:

SingCore serving AIA Turner Construction Reilly Windows and Doors I M Pei NASA