DIY Insulated Dog Kennels

The do it yourself specialist at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement can be found at the Pro Desk with all the details and information that you need to make your best dog kennels come to life. No matter what kind of dog kennel you have in mind, you can build it bigger and better yourself by using Sing insulated torsion box panels.

Do it yourself Insulated Dog House

Don’t you think your dog deserves the best dog house available? If your dog is your best friend, shouldn’t your treat him like one? You wouldn’t want your friend to stay in an non-insulated shed. Man’s best friend deserved to be sheltered from the elements.

Keep your dog warm in the winder and cool in the summer with his own insulated dog house.

Insulated Custom Dog Houses

Some of the most luxurious dog kennels and dog houses in the most affluent neighborhoods are built by high end craftsmen using Sing torsion box panels for the extra finesse that their discriminating clients demand.

These high-end luxury dog houses are custom built for the rich and famous. To the owners of these dogs, price is no object and they are paying ten to forty thousand dollars or more just to have the best dog accommodations that their best friend could have.

The best news is, that until now insulated Sing torsion box panels were only available via the most exclusive millworks, contractors and architects, but thanks to our friends at Lowe’s you can get this revolutionary building material from your local Lowe’s Pro Desk.

How to Build a Dog House

If you’re thinking about building your insulated dog house using Sing torsion box panels, you might consider looking at things differently to take advantages of all the features and benefits that you can have at your disposal when using Sing products to build your Eco-friendly insulated dog house.

Sing Insulated Dog House Torsion Box Panels

To understand more about the new patented building material that is revolutionizing the animal structure industry using the same material that is utilized from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between, first take a look at its basic structure.

Inside the panel is a structure built of a series of small wood boxes referred to as, “torsion box,” (which has been an effective way to make a lightweight wood panel that minimizes the tendency of wood to warp. The inventor’s new spin on torsion box includes flipping the grain of the wood used to build the torsion box so that it is counter-oriented (this increases the strength many times). But we’re not done, yet. Next up, we pack the empty (normally left vacant) voids of the torsion box wall-to-wall with insulated rigid recycled foam. Then we fuse two stress skins to the structure using Eco-friendly formaldehyde-free adhesive for a reinforced structural insulated panel (RSIP) that outperforms any other honeycomb panel.

High Performance Light Weight High Strength Dog House Panels

Only lightweight Sing Core has such a high tolerance for extreme accuracy (within .006 inch) and the strength of these hybrid honeycomb panels are stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound. And it is this lightweight (a fraction of other wood-based building materials) and high strength combined with an inner structure that enables artists and builders to go where no man has gone before, leading the way to:

Frameless Dog House Structure Building Material

Not just for dog houses or kennels, but for any type of structure, insulated Sing torsion box panels enable you, the do-it-yourselfer, to build any structure without having to first build a 2×4 wood stick frame. No frame is necessary when using Sing torsion box panels because the frame (or structure) is built into the panels themselves and no other support is required enabling you to think and build quickly, efficiently and outside the box.

Large Dog House

Just like our large doors can be found in some of the most expensive homes in the world, our Sing torsion box panels can build a large dog house (or even an entire pet hotel) in hours instead of days using this revolutionary new technology. Finally, you are not limited by size (except for available space, even so, you could build upward).

Sing Core, Lowe’s and Dogs Forever

Insulated Sing torsion box panels are available from your local Lowe’s and building your dog house using this material can give you a rugged animal structure that will stand the test of time as this very same material is used in extreme weather environments, is used for disaster relief and enables door manufacturers to make doors that are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years regardless of size or application.

So visit the friendly staff at your local Lowe’s Pro Desk and get started building the best dog house ever today.