Non warping door blanks guaranteed no warp doors sing coreFor years, Sing Core has been the only company in the United States who has been consistently providing custom door manufacturers with non-warping door solution for exotic doors of any size (up to 37 ft.) regardless of exterior surface material.

Using professional patented Sing Core, your door can be made in any style of any material in any size that can be guaranteed to be true flat (well above AIA standards for flatness) and not to warp for 50 years including structure guarantee when used for intended purposes for which the door was designed.

Now You Can Build the Perfect Door

Sing Core is making patented non-warping door blanks (with true flat stiffening systems installed) available to door professionals serving a discriminating clientele seeking a non-warp door solution for their upscale projects. See: How to Build the Most Advanced Door in the World

Sing 4x8 non warping door blank guaranteed perfectly flat door manufacturer substrate wholesale onlyIntroducing Sing Non-warping Door Blanks

Our standard Sing non-warping door blank comes in convenient 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.75” size for easy non-warp door making. By using the Sing non-warping door blank that can be cut to any size, you too can make doors of any size that possess the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Insulated
  • Non-warp

All Sing Non-warping Door Blanks contain patented Sing torsion box core with foam composite and Sing engineered non-warping stiffening solution for a perfectly flat door substrate that resists warp, bend, twist like no other door substrate in the United States. See: How to Build a Sing Door

Anatomy of Standard Sing Non-warping Door Blank

The Sing non-warping door blank starts with a composite core combination of Sing Core and Sing engineered stiffeners, framed with 1.25” solid wood edges, then all components are laminated between two sheets of 4 ft. x 8 ft. x .25” plywood for completing the door blank which has a finished thickness of 1.75 inches for the perfect door substrate.

Non warp door blank for building non warping doors of any sizeOther Sizes Available

For ambitious custom door manufacturers who seek to make the best hinge doors, sliding doors and pivot doors in larger sizes, Sing non-warping door blanks are also available in the following sizes:

  • 4×10
  • 4×12
  • 5×8
  • 5×10
  • 5×12

Other Options Available

Need a hand building your perfectly flat non-warping doors? You can get the door blanks and do it all yourself, or we cut your door blanks to size and add custom skin materials to your specifications.

Limited Offer

Sing non-warping door blanks are only available to approved door builders. If you would like to make the flattest non-warping doors possible, we would like to talk to and offer our OEM solution anywhere along your manufacturing chain to best serve your best clientele.