Inventor Peter Sing is disclosing an idea that he came up with long ago and thought someone would have certainly done it by now, but since no one has figured out how to get the greatest yield by harnessing the power of the ocean’s tides, he decided to move forward, even toward patenting his original idea.

The idea is not unlike Peter’s vertical grain torsion box idea. Everyone was using horizontal grain to build torsion box grids, but by turning the grain perpendicular to the surface material, the torsion box was many times stronger.

The similarity here, is that everyone who is attempting to extract energy from the sea, is following the limited success of wind power, taking advantage of current. A turbine generator turns when it encounters current, as wind blows by, or the tide flows in or out. While the tidal movement is more consistent than wind, this is still old technology.


Peter’s approach is to turn this approach perpendicular to the ocean, harnessing the energy as the level of the ocean raises and lowers.

Old Approach T + (I+O) = E Tide Current vs.
New Approach T + (U+D) = ME Neutral Gravitational UP and Down

Where T = Turbine, I = In, O = Out, U = Up, D = Down. E = Energy, and M = More

And if that wasn’t enough, just as with Sing Core where the vertical grain torsion box was not enough, Peter takes it to the next level again, by further enlisting the aid of additional resources to make it even better. So, in this case, he adds the third element: Gravity (G).

Even Better Approach T + (U+D)*G = MEX Enhanced Crushing Up and Down Torque!

Here’s a video refresher that will tell you everything that we know about how we extract energy from the sea (don’t worry, ‘it’s only 10 minutes):

Now, imagine, a system that extracts all the potential energy from the ocean by taking advantage, not of the current that flows in and out, but the distance between high and low tides, and achieves exponential output due to adding extra gravitational force to the equation.

This is the new revolution of increased potential when turning naturally occurring tidal movement, without impacting the synergistic environment or interfering with sea life, and it is seamlessly invisible to the naked eye.

It does require mounting a base to the ocean floor and a buoyant device which creates the top and bottom of the Oceanic Tide Generator ( is available) which is suspended beneath the surface of the water, and would be cylindrical in shape, 30-55 feet tall, depending on the location of the Oceanic Tide Generator (OTG).

Any existing buoyant device could be used for the top piece of Sing’s New Approach Oceanic Tide Generator, but a specially designed and built top piece would need to be used to complete the Even Better Approach for exponential output.

Peter has done it again. There it was in plain sight, as were all the elements of his Sing Core invention. All he had to do was to flip it over on its side to make it better, then take it to the next level. Thanks to the success of Sing Core, he is able to pursue this next journey into revitalizing the way we extract energy from the ocean in the most environmentally friendly way.