Many designers, engineers, contractors and enthusiastic do-it-yourself home builders have found the newest and best building material to build better structures more rapidly at reduced cost and labor that are:

Sing’s patented torsion box/foam composite core creates a solid reinforced structural insulated panel that has all the structure needed built-in so you do not need to frame your structure.
The insulation in Sing products yields an R3.5 or R6.5 rating per inch providing temperature control and sound deadening qualities.
Due to the responsible use of natural wood fiber for the torsion box core and lightweight rigid foam to fill the voids, these solid composite panels weight a fraction of other solid flat building materials.
High Strength
The strength of Sing’s vertical grain torsion box/rigid foam structure has been tested by the University of Washington to exceed 660 PSI. (Compare that to other aerospace panels rated at 10 to 110 PSI.)
All sing products are made in the USA using the best of natural and recycled materials requiring very little energy generating little or no waste and manufactured with high-grade, waterproof formaldehyde-free adhesives.

Due to the growing popularity of patented Sing Core’s versatility, we get many requests about how to build various types of structures. The truth of the matter is that we do not participate in the R&D process; all we do is provide the panels, posts and beams made to the specifications of the engineers and architects (see clients list). They already have their connection methods in place and we make this information available to you.

How to connect Sing caterpillar construction method

See: Connection Methods


When you are building a structure of any type it is good to start from the ground up. Sing Core can provide the best structural foundation components that are lightweight yet stronger than steel pound for pound.


You can have the best lightweight high strength floor system requiring very little structural support because the structure is already pre-built into the insulated flooring with no need for a sub-floor. The lightweight of the structural floor panels makes building quick and easy.


Besides doors, walls are the most sought out application for Sing Panels due to their unparalleled strength, insulation and lightweight. They come in two varieties, either with (Sing Panel) solid wood edges for connecting or without (Sing Sandwich) depending on your connection method of choice. Uses of Sing walls are found amongst a wide variety of applications from warehouses, temporary structures, complete homes, storage units, garages and sheds, tiny houses, and grow rooms. Sing walls excel indoors or exposed 100% to extreme weather conditions.


Sing Sandwich and Sing Panel both find their home above your head as well as below your feet. The choice of using either a Sing Sandwich or Sing Panel depends on the design and configuration of your structure. As always, Sing Core manufacturers your Sing products to your specifications for load-bearing performance, insulation qualities for temperature control and sound deadening ceilings.

Roof Structure

Sing Beams are an amazing revolution to be found in the top of the best structures known to man and are still elegant in their appearance as they can look like solid wood beams and can also take on the appearance of solid aluminum, steel or any other flat building material according to your specs. The lightweight reduces labor and equipment costs as well as the risk of on-the-job injuries when working overhead on the upper structure of the building.


Using Sing product in your exterior roof applications make more sense than any other roof material. The high strength reduces the need for roofing substructure, while the insulation provides an extra barrier to the elements.

Entire Homes Built of Sing Core

So it’s no surprise that some of the most discriminating homebuilders are using Sing products to build entire home. In fact, homes have been built entirely of Sing Sandwich, Sing Panels, Sing Post and Beam, even the furniture can be built using Sing products, everything except the glass, fixtures and the doorknob.