New generation no fail sliding door 50 yr guaranteeSliding doors are both elegant and efficient alternate solutions in industrial, commercial and contemporary home applications.

The only problem with sliding doors is in the areas of ongoing repair and maintenance of your sliding doors. This problem has been largely solved by adapting Sing Core technology to the sliding door industry – especially in the area of large sliding doors and large sliding pocket doors – due to being able to create a sliding door of any size that can be guaranteed not to warp bend or twist for 50 years.

But addressing the issues of door warping is not the only problem associated with your sliding door repair and maintenance. Door frame repair can become necessary due to the failure of sliding door hardware used in cooperation with your hanging door and its performance on sliding door tracks.

For instance, many home repair, maintenance, remodeling companies and door repair services experience large volumes of calls related just to dealing with hanging closet doors which make up a significant amount of their door repairs.

Hardware the Weakest Link

The roller track itself used in the sliding door mechanism might be the weakest component in the sliding door system. Weak (or tweaked) door rails can cause the door to fail or fall of its track.

Barn-Door-Hardware-Sliding-Door-HardwareNext up come the door rollers. Door rollers (the sliding door wheels that were designed to create a smooth sliding door effect) may weaken, break down over time or may bearings within may need servicing or replacement.

Solution: Hardware that Does Not Fail

If your Sing sliding door has the right sliding door hardware, you could rest assured that failure of your sliding or pocket door off track is less likely to occur over the life of your door. Meaning you will never have to know how to repair a pocket door, or to hire expensive architectural door specialists and installers who specialize in how to hang sliding closet doors.

Thanks you the Sing sliding door hardware solution, you will never have to know how to fix a sliding door or address the issues associated with a failing hanging door track or hanging sliding door hardware at all.

The Sing sliding track system is the ultimate solution used in industrial and commercial applications for fail-proof performance for the ultimate top hung sliding door that can achieve the highest precision tolerance (within .006 in.) without having to deal with sliding door repairs.

Boeing, NASA and the Navy have more important things to do than having to address the issues of sliding door off track repair or slowing down an important project because a sliding door won’t slide. This same technology is used in our Sing Modular Sliding Doors.

Shouldn’t you contact Sing Core about your next high performance, long lasting sliding door solution?