Due to the recent increase in volume of architectural specifications, inquiries and orders for Sing pivot doors, we are asking for your help in building a pivot industry report to better serve the entire channel.

Please feel free to look over the following information and let us know if there is anything else that we could provide to better serve the industry.

Pivot Door Potential

The door industry represents a multi-billion-dollar service that caters to all sorts of clients from moderately-priced to highly customized architectural doors. Currently pivot doors only account for a small fraction of sales because they are high weight, the hardware, installation and maintenance over time is expensive.

If the obstacles of high-price and other obstacles could be overcome, high-end pivot doors could be more affordable and achieve high growth potential amongst homeowners.


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Search the best door by Google: wood pivot door: image and text search

Top 100 Door Manufacturers and major mill works (click here to see clients list of patented Sing Core and Sing Panel) they are switching over to patented Sing core one at a time

Imagine if the Top 100 Door Manufacturers were to embrace the new technology that would allow them to make affordable pivot door technology available to the world. What kind of impact would that have on the door making industry?

Pivot Door vs. Hinge Door

A brief Google image search will help you discover the visual difference between: Hinged Doors and Pivot Doors. (Click to see for yourself.) As far as function and visual impact the pivot door is far superior but out of reach of the normal consumer.

See: Pivot Door Companies

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Why Don’t You See More Pivot Entrance Doors?

The problem is the high costs associated with pivot doors. Traditionally, pivot doors are:

1. Cost prohibitive x

2. Very heavy x

3. Expensive to transport and handle x

4. Require expensive hardware x

5. Require skilled labor/special equipment x

6. Likely to fail due to warp, bend, twist x

7. Costly maintenance over time x

That is, until now; introducing new door-making and installation technology.

Check out pre-hung pivot door system: https://youtu.be/v–J-NRP62s

Sing Core Introduces the affordable Pivot Door Panel

[wpex more = “CLICK HERE FOR MORE” less = “CLICK FOR LESS”]Sing Core solved the problems associated with high-end sliding doors and carriage doors making them more affordable and maintenance-free. Now the same patented technologies that made architectural and homeowner dreams come to life are available in pivot doors, too.

1. Affordable

1. Patented Sing Panel for pivot doors costs less than any entrance door (standard size 4 ft x 8 ft x 1.5 inch) Guaranteed

2. Less expensive hardware

3. Less installation cost

4. Less skilled labor required

5. Less shipping & transportation cost

6. Easy to handle, package and ship (due to light weight) 

(All these costs could make a huge difference in the pivot door’s growth potential in the entrance market)

2. Easy to Install

1. Can be pre-hung and installed easily using lightweight in-line hardware

2. Install within half an hour for a large pivot door

3. Contractor-installed or DIY

3. True flat and stay flat for 50 years

1. A challenge even for high end door manufacturers

2. Can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or fail for 50 years 

4. Fully Insulated

1. Saving energy (especially for entrance doors)

2. Sound deadening 

5. Design Versatility

1. Any size

2. Any surface material (see material options)

3. Any visual style

4. Any glass lite cutouts desired

6. Surface material choice

1. Virtually any flat construction material 

2. I.e. metal, aluminum, wood, FRP, etc… 

7. Other Advantages

1. Eco-friendly

2. Insulated

3. Lightweight

4. High-strength ✓  [/wpex]

We are introducing Sing panel to entrance door as home project but we need your help to feed back some thought: How can we make the pivot door to benefit the entrance door market by providing more choices of design, skins, less cost for hardware due to the Sing Core’s lightweight, high-strength, affordable solutions, etc…

Let’s create a new pivot point for the entrance door industry by providing a new solution…

Please share your thoughts, ideas and concerns below: