Welcome back the Carriage Door that is insulated, sound deadening, lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

8 thousand dollar bi fold carriage doors mfg for 1 thousand dollars sing core at lowes home improvement

These $8000 bi-fold carriage doors were made of patented Sing Core that costs less than $1000 from your local Lowe’s Home Improvement Pro Desk.

If you in the business of overhead garage doors or any type of door business then this is an opportunity for you. The reward can be win-win for you and your customers.

Challenges for overhead doors and traditional carriage doors


the overhead door is so popular due to the mass production with thin gauge metal at low cost. Let’s face it; most of American homeowners are looking to save money, even if it is easy to dent.

If you use your garage as a shop or expanded living space the overhead door has little or no insulation. Even it is well insulated overhead, there’s no way to make it air-tight, like a carriage door. Still, due to the low cost, it ha1s become the standard for garage doors.

Non warping wood carriage doors with hardware ready to install

Click image (above) for How to Build a Non-warp Carriage Door


The classic carriage door is the way American home garage doors were made before the overhead door became so popular.

Carriage doors had their challenges, like being very heavy adding stress and strain to the hardware and structure, no insulation, and warping due to weather change compromising an otherwise perfect seal.


Using Sing Core as the basis of your carriage door – or any garage door solution – will provide an Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength structure that is insulated, warp and rot resistant.

All you need to do is to add the desired molding, trim, finish and hardware to imbue them with any appearance you desire. See: Sing Core Doors

The results are nothing less than spectacular and the Sing solution is quickly becoming the preferred manufacturing method for the most high-end door jobs around the world.

Patented Sing Core can be used in endless applications. Get your FREE eBook: How to Build with Sing Core.