What Can be Done with Sing Sandwich Panels?

You might be surprised to discover the wide range of possibilities that exist with the invention of Sing Sandwich panels.

The versatility of this new breakthrough in Eco-friendly building material is lightweight high-strength building material is making headway from under the sea (the US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and could be used for endless applications.


Here is an example of Sing sandwich panels being used in the aerospace industry, being used as framing for aircraft mock up. This material is only ¾” thick and features a rugged aluminum surface material that allows the engineers to have the lightweight, high-strength and structural integrity that exceeds the specifications of any other honeycomb material used in the aerospace industry.

And – to top it all off – this material is easy to work with, requires no special tools and can be handled just as you would traditional ¾” plywood.

Large Doors

We don’t make doors, but our panels make the best doors in the world – especially large oversize doors. And only we can guarantee that your door will be true flat and stay flat for 50 years regardless of size.

You can use Sing Sandwich panels that are conveniently available  to DIY engineer your own best solution for your next do-it-yourself door project.

Even though we don’t do the door finishing, we supply the high end millworks and door manufacturers with the only large door substrate that will not warp, bend or twist and our professional line can be guaranteed for 50 years against warp, bending, twist or cup.

Carriage Doors

It is unmistakable that the Sing Sandwich is changing the way garage doors are being made. This unique material can help the garage door builder create a door that is flat, insulated and resistant to warp and/or rot, yet extremely affordable.

For example you could make a set of $8,000 Carriage Doors for a very small cost to you for the basic materials and your resulting doors would far out-perform any other type of carriage door available today.

Building Structures

Using the Sing sandwich as your construction material you can build frameless buildings and structures in a fraction of the time with very little manpower, little or no heavy equipment and less risk of on-the-job injury.

We’re excited to see communities embracing this technology, especially those forward-thinking enough to loosen the reins on private builders by allowing 800 sq ft structures to be built without a permit.

Tiny Houses

Sing Sandwich is growing in popularity amongst the tiny house community as the Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength building material of choice for tiny houses that are stronger than 2×4 stick-built structures, yet are frameless.

Imagine being able to build a tiny home on wheels and being able to drive around town, or across the country.

Trade Show Displays

Certainly, Sing Core can help high-end designers build the best trade show displays on the planet, but this is now within the reach of the do-it-yourselfer who would like to build their own modular trade show displays by picking up our Sing sandwich panels.

Guaranteed True Flat?

Yes, due to the unique properties of the Sign sandwich panel the resulting product will be more lightweight, high-strength and flatter than anything built with any traditional building material.

We do offer free true flat consultation to our wholesalers, retailers, consultants, contractors, engineers and architects who would like our true flat guarantee on our professional true flat solutions. Certified true flat professional Sing products are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or rot for 50 years and are based on our expertise of helping designer achieve incomparable results for years.

Gallery of what you could do with Sing Sandwich: