Philanthropists and organizations reach out to Sing Core for disaster and economic relief at home and abroad in third-world countries. Inventor, Peter Sing, offers a better solution for a better world.

Inventor, Peter Sing, is partnering with worldwide philanthropists and organizations to fight the effects of economically depressed countries and areas to overcome poverty, poor living conditions and to build an economic base that promotes gainful employment opportunities and strengthening local communities.

Sing has invented his patented composite building material appropriately called, “Sing Core.” This material is unique in that it is not only lightweight (as many aerospace composite materials are) but Sing Core is also structurally sound; actually stronger than stainless steel pound for pound.

This material is used in off-grid housing and disaster relief, enabling users to easily build an entire structure in a day. Sing Core has unique qualities which include:

  •  Sing-Core-for-a-Better-World-Sing-to-the-WorldUnlimited Design Possibilities
  • Thermally Efficient – 50-70% more energy efficient than      stick framing and fiberglass insulation.
  • True Green Building Technology
  • Fast & Easy Installation – Reduced Labor Time &      Costs
  • Reduced Jobsite Waste – Custom Manufactured to Design      Requirements
  • Environmentally Friendly & Recyclable
  • True Flat Guarantee Available in Any Size
  • Moisture Control
  • Insect Resistant
  • Superior Strength
  • 10-year Structural Warranty

Due to being so extremely lightweight, containers of building materials can be shipped efficiently and inexpensively for quick response and/or relief efforts, and may be the only inexpensive structural building material Made in the USA that is exported to other countries.

Recently, Sing has been contacted by philanthropists and organizations to address issues of homelessness and lack of economic viability of geographic regions struggling with meeting the basic human needs of the local population.

Sing has invited partnering with philanthropists and organizations for, “a better world;” a constant theme in Sing’s personal mission.

In these relationships, Sing proposes that they deal with the local economic crisis on several different levels, such as:

  1. Sing-Low-Income-Housing-Can-be-Beautiful-and-ElegantProviding jobs for local residents
  2. Setting up a factory, where local residents produce patented Sing Core from locally available raw materials
  3. Local labor builds housing of locally made Sing Core
  4. Local residents enjoy superior housing (not a temporary solution) erected in less time at less expense
  5. Local Sing Core factory supplies outlying geographic areas with patented Sing Core
  6. Local craftspersons create an almost endless variety of Sing products for sale to local and neighboring communities

Once the factory standards and quality assurance is up to Sing’s satisfactory standards, Sing will promote products produced by these factories to other regions within service range of these facilities.

Low income housing does not mean low quality or need to be a short-term solution. Building with Sing Core can produce superior hurricane or earthquake-resistant housing better than any other material available in third-world countries at affordable price.

This creates the ultimate Win-Win situation for all parties involved, as it is not simply a response to a crisis, but establishing a profitable ongoing economic structure to promote health, wellness and prosperity while creating a sense of purpose and pride in local communities that have been previously severely depressed.

“It’s all about giving the people the tools and skills that they need to overcome life’s obstacles, and that’s what our world needs to see more of,” Says Sing, “People helping people for a better world.”

It’s not enough to simply put out the fires that plague a local community, it’s about paying it forward, empowering them to rebuild and help others.

Inventor, Peter Sing, invites philanthropists and organizations to contact him. He says, “It is important for Sing Core to maintain a certain level of profitability to survive, but if there is a way that I can help others to achieve a better world, I will do whatever I can to help do that.”

Patented Sing Core is changing how things are made across the board in many different industries. It is the solution for building stronger lightweight Eco-friendly products that will last for centuries at low cost.

Sing Corporate Culture Initiative

Simplicity, Functionality, Long-lasting and Eco-friendly

Sing product are not chasing for fashion. We love simple design and focus on maximizing global impact by reducing physical space required for production, labor, equipment cost, energy and waste.

Avoiding conventional product manufacturing methods are important to the Sing Core commitment to production alternatives that benefit our world from an environmental perspective. Though this may in contrast to industries that are more concerned with marketing than concern for our planet, we stay the course of putting the earth first. We believe that the Sing Core Eco-friendly philosophy of building simple and effective products to last (not designed to need constant replacement or disposable) helps to benefit not only all people but all creatures today and for the future.

Furniture Industry

Sing Core creates the strongest, lightweight true flat furniture panel opening the door to a new revolution in furniture making that can easily be flat-packed, knocked-down and reassembled within minutes.

All Sing panels are interchangeable to create many types of furniture. This is a new revolution in furniture making: Low cost, high quality, superior performance, long lasting and Eco-friendly furniture.

Open 100 Sing furniture stores at shopping malls by franchising to dealers. Dealer manage limited inventories of less than two dozen standard pre-cut panels enabling them to build almost any type of furniture on-the-fly while the customer watches. When the customer is happy with the completed product, the entire unit is disassembled, packed flat and loaded into the customer’s car. The customer re-assembles the unit at home within minutes, and the unit can be disassembled and reassembled at will with no loss of structural integrity.

Metal Fabrication Industry

Sing Core metal panels are the new high strength advancements to replace outdated metal sheets, blanks and even metal posts and beams at low cost.

Sing Core metal panels are:

Lightweight: easy to ship, transport and work with on-the-job site.

  • Strong: Stronger than steel pound-for-pound
  • Inexpensive: Costing much less than traditional metal fabrication

This new revolution in metal fabrication eliminates welding, preserving the high-strength of any structure with less distortion due to heat created during the welding process.

Door Industry

Sing Core is the best material to use to build doors; any type or style of doors. Doors made of Sing Core have characteristics that cannot be found in any other door, such as:

  • Insulation: Every Sing Core door is pre-insulated with at least an R3 insulation value
  • Sound deadening: Sing Core doors have sound dampening attributes that reduce noise transfer and may be upgraded to sound proof
  • Lightweight: Weigh much less (usually less than 10%) of traditionally made doors
  • High-strength: More high-strength than any other door core material (enabling us to create structurally superior oversize doors)
  • Long life: Sing Core doors are guaranteed for up to 50 years, but are built to last centuries
  • True flat: The solution for sophisticated millworks and door manufacturers worldwide. The Sing true flat door is not only visually impressive, will provide a tighter fitting door that will not warp, twist or crack.
  • Eco-friendly: Manufactured organically using little energy and features renewable structural vertical grain fiber.

Construction Building Materials

Sing honeycomb has been used in many types of building materials such as foundation block, girdle, joist, floor, wall truss, roof, window buck, and doors.

In fact, the world looked on in amazement when Sing Core built an entire home within 4 days at a California home show. Everything in the home was built out of Sing Core (except for the doorknob), including the furniture inside the sing Core home.

No other material can build an entire structurally superior home faster or easier with less manpower and little or no waste.

All Sing products are lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly. It is the ideal structural material for regions challenged by earthquakes and hurricanes. Sing Core also helps to maximize local natural resources in regions that lack timber resources, and replaces steel and concrete in under-developed countries.

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