Expires July 28th, 2017

What kind of tiny house you should consider to build?

Tiny-House-3We are the world’s best large door manufacturer in the world, our inventor Peter sing has a heart after the Tiny House market and is helping the Tiny House community to build Tiny Houses that are

  1. Easy to build
  2. Lightweight
  3. High strength
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Visually attractive and
  6. Cost effective – at 50% off!

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1 Easy to build

Individual panels will function as siding, insulation, structure, and interior wall. These panels are engineered to maximize your interior space by being thin, yet stronger than steel pound for pound using patented aerospace technology, so you don’t lose interior space. Preferably the entire structural wall is made of 4 pieces. One piece floor cover front to the back, depending on your roof design, one or two pieces for the entire roof.

Don’t Be Framed: Upgrade and the structural frame is built into each pre-insulated Sing panel.

Is this possible? Yes: Click here to learn more and learn how to build your Tiny House the best way.

sing-core-panels-square-b2 Lightweight

Your Tiny House will cost less to ship the raw material, easy to construct, and cost less gas to haul places to places, easy to manage and construct with a single person. And constructed out of 6 or 7 pieces made to order, so your Tiny House can have any dimensions. Your individual panels will be custom made for easy assembly.

3 High strength

The Tiny House will be long lasting in the heavy wind and feel secure like a home in extreme weather conditions during hurricane or heavy rain. Made of only 6 or 7 pre-framed pieces makes your structure even more solid as a rock.

4 Eco-friendly

Sing Tiny House panels use renewable material and consume less energy to create, take less energy to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

little-sing-tiny-house5 Visually attractive

It should looks perfect true flat from exterior and interior to show the precision engineering master pc of crafted design.

6 Cost effective

It takes less labor and material to build—a nice tiny house should take less than one month to complete and less than $5000.00 to complete.

Are there any Tiny House systems that will meet the above criteria?

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5 Minutes to Build

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