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The Sing Core Business Opportunity

Help wanted crowdsourcing distributor opportunity

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We offer:  1. Marketing of Sing Products  2. Production of Sing Products  3. Partner to Win the Bid

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Marketing and Production of Sing products

You may choose to do both or select the one that best suits you.

Join an exciting team. Come help us make a difference in the world!

Marketing and sales of patented Sing products:

business-opportunityThe demand for sing core products is booming, fueled in part by a growing consciousness and the international campaign for a greener and more sustainable planet.

With sing core quality products you can offer your customers satisfying ways to solve their engineering problems with our solution.

As a sing core distributor you receive

  • Innovative and patent protected products.
  • Simple and easy pricing method
  • Best products guarantee in the industry
  • “No questions asked” customer returns policy.

You almost cannot break Sing products without smashing by the truck! Even so, Sing panels have been run over by trucks but show no structural damage…

There thousands of Sing products available, but with our unique price quote form, all you need to do is fill out the length, width, and thickness. It’s that easy.

You could purchase panels or post and beam to build tiny house or material to build your entire house, or any complicated furniture can be broken down into several panels or beams.

We sell Sing panels, post and beam by Square ft or linear ft. With those two materials you can build so much more than your house, but also stuctures and furniture for airplanes, boats, trains…

You can build your sing core business as a sing core distributor via

Internet Sales

You can quickly expand your business by selling products on your own web site. We’ll provide you with text and graphics so your web designer can quickly and easily design an attractive and effective site.

Sing products Rep. or Distrubutors

If you believe Sing products green solution, than you be the best envoy to take it to the world stage.

Getting Started…

Getting started as a sing core distributor couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out the form and we will enroll you in Lightweight University.

We make it easy for you to cash in on the Billion Dollar Green Technology industry with your very own business. Fill out the form below or give us a call at 360-495-3577.

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Production of patented Sing products:

plenty-of-entrepreneurs-are-on-the-lookout-for-that-perfect-green-business-opportunity-that-are-both-lucrative-and-eco-friendly_-300x287Sing core is helping return America to its roots of pride in American-made products. We’re empowering individuals with the ability to manufacture the highest quality end products or building supplies. There are many levels of participation available for anyone who wants to make a difference in our world:


The sing core manufacturing revolution empowers individuals with the same types of manufacturing capabilities that were once only available to large corporations.

With our help it’s easier than ever for you to become a manufacturer from home. In an innovated approach to fulfilling the needs of every person to enjoy the benefits of sing core in their homes, businesses, and facilities… we’ve developed a crowd-sourced option for aspiring individuals who truly want to make a difference.

You can become a part of our nationally-based manufacturing facilities.

Our only requirements to participate in this groundbreaking revolutionary process are that you have some basic woodworking skills, tools and equipment, and a workspace at least the size of a one-car garage.

We will help you with the skills necessary and also supply you with a quantity of floored sing core product (that means we ship it to your location, and you only pay for the product you use, as you use it; like on consignment) for use in your projects.

You, then, as the manufacturer, can use the product in your own creations, supply end product to builders, or components to local hardware stores and builder’s supply depots. You can operate your business with little or no overhead or investment, increasing your bottom-line, which puts you in a better financial position to support your local economy.

There are grants and subsidies available for individuals who need financial assistance for enrolling in Lightweight University.

Small Business business

We consider small businesses as any business that already has some manufacturing process set in motion, has an adequate number of square ft workspace, and seven or fewer employees on staff.

We will help you set up your shop in more productive ways to maximize your effectiveness. You will learn how to build more, in less time, with less energy consumption, using fewer man hours without expensive equipment cost and very little waste.

You can become a leader in this new, “true green” technology that is a solution to many design problems, especially when related to issues concerning weight and strength, becoming the facility supplying the needs of your geographic region (though, as a manufacturer, you are not limited by your location).

We can have you using and offering this patented technology in your manufacturing facility in very little time, with little or no addition financial investment on your part.

There are grants and subsidies available for small businesses in need of financial assistance for enrolling in Lightweight University.

Mill work

(see Small Business, or Corporate, if you have more than seven employees)

Manufacturing Facilities

(see Small Business, or Corporate, if you have more than seven employees)


We consider corporate manufacturing accounts as any business with more than 7 employees regardless of the actual business organization status. As a corporate manufacturing account, you must still enroll in Lightweight University to become a licensed manufacturer of sing core product. You must agree to use sing core only in accordance with our patented processes, techniques and procedures.


Organizations are those entities that are operated with strict budgets, largely publicly funded or by grants, whose mission it is to make the world a better place by joining our “true green” revolution. Grants and subsidies are available for partnering with sing core to assist in accomplishing your goals.


We respect your email privacy

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Partner to Win the Bid

working-together-is-success-henry-fordSing Core partners with contractors, millworks, door manufacturers and representatives in an effort to keep tabs on your bottom line and enable you to competitively win the bid.

Our Win the Bid program is an excellent representation of Sing Core’s commitment to industry professionals to be your preferred resource when competing in the bid process against other large corporations or even off-shore manufacturers.

It’s all part of our pride in supporting independent businesses and keeping jobs at home while promoting our Made in the USA philosophy with integrity.

Referral Program

Sing Customer Review

We appreciate the support of our customers and to show our appreciation, when you write a review of your Sing Core experience and supply us with pictures of your project, we will honor you as a Sing VIP (Very Important Partner) entitling you to special incentives an benefits.

Customer Referral Program

refer-a-friendAs an enthusiastic and satisfied client of Sing Core, you might like to share Sing Core with other professionals in the industry. We have incentives for those who help us spread the word and helping us to make the world a better place.

Sing Core Referral Reward Program

Every time you introduce us to other professionals, companies and/or organizations in your field, we will reward you with a percentage of the first year’s sales of Sing Core to that client via our referral program. This is our promise and appreciation for you believing in us enough to refer a friend our product and philosophy to your friends and competitors (includes Sing VIP benefits).

Sign Up Online

It’s easy to sign up for our referral reward program, and you can start promoting your customized sing core links and earn 10% referral fees for every sale that occurs from your online marketing campaign. For more information, see: How it Works

Sing Core Customer Representative

As a happy and loyal Sing Core customer, you can bring new clients to us acting as our sales representative entitling you to receive sales commissions for managing and bringing the account on-board (includes Sing VIP benefits).

Contact Sing Core

Whether you are participating in our referral Reward Program or acting as a Sing Core Customer Representative, you must contact Sing Core prior to referring or representing to ensure that you receive the proper credit for your efforts.


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