Cold Rolled Steel Lightweight Panels

Sing Core Cold Rolled Steel Panels are as strong or stronger than solid steel panels yet so lightweight that one man can easily carry a 4 x 8 panel with his bare hands.   These SingCore 20 Guage Cold Rolled Steel Composite Panels measure 35″ x 13′ x 1″ are lightweight.   These panels have […]

How to Build the Biggest Warp-free Door

Sing Core has long been in the business of building the biggest warp-free doors in the world. And now you can learn how to build the biggest warp-free door as well. The first thing to note is that Sing Core does not build doors, even though Sing Core is credited and called out in architectural […]

Top 4 Ways to Make the Best Door with Sing Core Inside

Here are the top 4 ways architects are making the world’s best doors with Sing Core inside. 1. Check the Size  2. Check the Thickness  3. Check the Skin  4. Check the Sing Core Inside 1. Check the Size Even the biggest doors, can save the budget and increase performance by making minor adjustments in […]

Impossible Doors Our Specialty

If you would like to know more about how to design a door with Sing Core inside, click here. When it comes to building the most unique doors, especially large, oversized doors of any size (up to 20 x 60 ft. or more), type, or style of door, Sing Core’s True Flat Team knows how […]

Patio Doors

When you’re not just looking for any patio doors, there’s a good chance you’re looking high and low for the best patio door to suit your needs, your particular taste(s) as well as beautiful patio doors. Normal, off the shelf patio doors are not going to suit what you want in a patio door. Chances […]

Why We Trust Sing Core

You might ask why the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and architects trust Sing Core to help them deliver the best large doors in the world to their most discriminating clientele? I know we do. So, here’s the answer: We Trust Sing Core to help us deliver: 1. The Best Solid Wood Stave Large […]

Get an Estimate

Free instant on-screen shop drawing when you fill out length, width, thickness. Click "View Shops" + instant 3D preview. See? Panel or post and beam... Just the same, only different measurements. Fill out my online form. var z1u8pj7j1ka5urr;(function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t), options = { 'userName':'singcore', 'formHash':'z1u8pj7j1ka5urr', 'autoResize':true, 'height':'821', 'async':true, 'host':'', 'header':'show', 'ssl':true}; [...]

Extra Wide Front Door

The inventor of patented Sing Core invites anyone to challenge his claim to fame being, “The only way to build an extra wide front door that does not warp.” Peter Sing’s revolutionary lightweight high strength extra wide front door core is what makes it possible for all the biggest and best door companies in the […]

Wooden Door

See: How to Build The Perfect 16 ft. Tall White Oak Door Sing wooden doors make the best wooden doors in the United States and around the world. No other Eco-friendly lightweight wooden door core is stronger. Weighing in at a fraction of the weight of solid wood door core, patented Sing Core is stronger than […]