Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel When looking for the best aluminum material one can become confused at all the different options that there are in the variety of building materials that are available. Now only $256 for a 4’x8′ sheet. Size Sqft Price 4’x8′ 32sqft $256/sheet 4’x10′ 40sqft $320/sheet over 4’x10′ any size Ask for price Custom […]

Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panels Description Aluminum face sheets over patented sing core. Sing composite aluminum panels are lightweight, dent resistant and stronger than steel in inch-per-inch independent tests. Sing composite aluminum panels are used where impact is likely to occur. Our sing core aluminum composite panels are the solution for a wide range of applications requiring […]


See: Why Architects Spec Sing Core What we do — We supply the biggest and best door companies in the world and serve the top architectural firms. Our patent and patent-pending technology allows us to solve the issues often faced with large doors. Exclusive 50-year warp-free warranty 50 years structure guarantee. Custom door panels built to [...]


  Sing Aluminum Aluminum face sheets are placed over our patented Sing core. Sing core aluminum panels are lightweight, dent resistant, and stronger than steel in inch-per-inch tests. These panels are usually used where impact is most likely to occur. Our Sing core aluminum panels are the solution for a wide range of applications that […]

Sing Homes

It is not uncommon for entire homes to be built out of Sing Core building materials. Home owners, builders and developers can confidently build homes that will stand for hundreds of years using Sing Core for everything except for the glass and hardware. Here are some examples of Sing Homes: Wanting your home to look […]

Customer Links

News Updates / Press Release Youtube videos Sing Core News Facebook Recent Customers Joseph McKinstry Construction NASA VCA, Inc. Snell Studios TCCD International Redwood City Cabinet Mark Cwik Studio Foresight Sports Jefferson Woodworking Cincinnati Museum Wood Done Right Hyundai Design North America, Irvine, CA Architect Greenpod Development Joseph Hurley V100modbox Architecture In Formation Mill Work […]

About Sing Core

Sing Core Patented and patent-pending Sing Core has endless application for use in all types of industries. Large high-end doors happen to be one of the most successful applications. We do not build doors, we supply the only non-warping and lightweight high-end door panel, or door blank, to millworks or other door manufacturers. They use [...]

Entire Home Made of Sing Core

Here’s just one example of a home made entirely of only Sing Core products. The walls, the floors, posts, beams and doors… everything made of Sing Core except the glass and the hardware. Here are examples of homes that were built live while thousands of people watched in amazement at how quickly and easily it was […]