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Simple pricing length width thickness skin selection lightweight high strength sing panels

Length + Width + Thickness = Price

Every Custom Sing Panel or Sing Post & Beam order can be broken down into 3 measurements; length, width and thickness. Sing Panels are available in standard 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.5 inch thick panels or custom ordered to almost any size and thickness. Select either Professional non-warp Sing Panels or Hot Press Ready, which can be hot pressed with veneer. Then choose your skin or surface material. Note: Minimum Order. Price Quotes are valid for 15 days


We are one phone call away or by email to answer you critical questions. We have the most experience and the best guarantee for providing our professional 50 year non-warp and structure guarantee, such as very large door/very thin door/lightweight door/most insulated door/the strongest  door in USA  (even the best door makers have issues of warping problems due to the season change). All you need is let us know the size, thickness and expectation of flatness (non warp), weight and strength expectation. You will never worry about recall, guaranteed by inventor Peter Sing.


[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less “CLICK TO SHOW LESS“]Sing products are available in your choice of three formats to accommodate your specifications and expectations:

Standard: The strongest, lightweight Eco-friendly building material invented

Professional: Specially formatted for non-warp performance and guarantee

Hot Press Ready: Hot-press-ready (for thin veneer)



[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less = “CLICK TO SHOW LESS“]Our grids come in small, medium and large sizes.[/wpex]


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R-value 3.5 (EPS foam) R-value 5.7 (urethane foam)



[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less = “CLICK TO SHOW LESS“]Customizing options that can help make your order more specific are size and location of internal wood (or other specified material) such as implants, stiles and/or rails (solid wood edges on 4 sides of the Sing panel) and lock blocks or nailing for added siding over the surface of the Sing panel. The best way to show us what you need is to by provide us with a simple drawing to show the location of hard point.[/wpex]


[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less = “CLICK TO SHOW LESS”] There are many options for Sing Core panels. (See: Material Options)

Paint Grade: 1/4 inch or thicker plywood, mdf, Masonite Metal: .20 inch to .125 inch aluminum, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel. HPL, FRP Wood Grain: Thin wood veneer .020 inch on top of .125 inch mdf over top of aluminum Sing panel Wood Stave: .125 inch applied over the top of aluminum the Sing panel substrate or on top of the .125 inch mdf over the top fo the aluminum Sing panel Skin: There are many options for Sing Core panels. (See: Material Options)

  • Paint grade panel skin
  • Unfinished wood grain panel with veneer
  • Wood grain with wood planks
  • FRP galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium board
  • Marine grade plywood
  • MDF metal
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramic
  • Concrete

Please use the work order form in the “How to Buy” section below to obtain a price quote.[/wpex]


[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less = “CLICK TO SHOW LESS“]Sing Core provides Sing panels with window and door pre-cut and ready for installation. We will cut 1/8 larger in width and 3/16 inch wider in length to fit your window glass. We build a frame using 1.25 inch solid wood to your specifications. You may create any size or shape of window or door with our simple method just by providing a simple drawing.[/wpex]


[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less = “CLICK TO SHOW LESS“]Sing Core windows and doors are profile ready for CNC routing. You may add molding or trim to create your own window or door design, otherwise we will provide you with thicker skin — such as 1/4 inch or thicker mdf, hardboard, etc. — for you to carve or profile by CNC machine. With Sing Core windows and doors you can create a true raised-panel door or any design you desire.[/wpex]


[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less = “CLICK TO SHOW LESS“]The standard ready-to-ship panel condition is, “untrimmed.” This leaves unfinished exterior edges that may have exposed adhesive and might require being built ½ inch over-sized for trimming at your location. An additional fee will be assessed for trimming and sizing in our factory. All trimmed edges are 1/2 inch over width and 1/2 inch over length. After trimming, your Sing Panel will be 1/2 inch less (4 x 8 will be 47.5 inch x 95.5 inch). Standard solid wood edging with 1.5 inch will be reduced to 1.25 inch after trimming.[/wpex]


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Sing Core Precision:
Sing Panels are + and – .006 inch, so with your CNC machine profile you will have the most amazing detailed door design.
Sing Core panels weigh only 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot.
Compression Strength:
Our 1-inch small grade panels have been tested to reach 660 psi.
Sing Panel Insulation:
Sing panel cores contain urethane form R 6.5 per inch and EPS form 3.5 per inch insulation.
Sing panels, with proper skin design, will reach stc 56.
Bulletproof and Radiation-Proof Doors:
Sing panels are sold to the major specialty door manufacturers to achieve special demands such as bulletproof, radiation-proof, etc.[/wpex]


[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less = “CLICK TO SHOW LESS“]Sing Products come with a limited lifetime guarantee. (See http://singcore.com/education/warranty)[/wpex]


[wpex more = “CLICK TO SHOW MORE” less = “CLICK TO SHOW LESS“]Talk to the expert before you order any large oversize door. We offer the best and the only free consultation industry. style=”font-size: large;”>Read about our true flat guarantee: http://singcore.com/?s=guarantee

With our free consultation and an additional cost, all doors are guaranteed to stay true flat for 50 years. This service is only available to the trade professionals.[/wpex]


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If you are a manufacturer, millwork, high-end woodcraftsman and you already have a commercial account with us, then you have access our rare, high-end materials and help in solving custom project issues.

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