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The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

While standard size Sing Panels measure 4 ft x 8 ft and our most versatile product is the 2×12, our large, oversize and custom-sized Sing Panels are unique to Sing Core in that they are often the only practical solution when faced with the challenges of creating a larger than normal project, like an oversized door, large wall, huge moveable stage floor or enormous sliding partition.

Sing Panels fit the bill because they are lightweight, stronger than traditional building materials and are eco-friendly.

The challenge of large doors for the high end door market

Even the most expensive homes in North America face the challenge of warping doors due to the temperature and moisture change; especially in doors that are over 10 ft. in height and wider than 5 ft.

Patented Sing professional door panel guarantees non-warp and full structural integrity for 50 years… The only large insulated lightweight, high strength, Eco-friendly sliding door, pivot door, entrance door panel that could provide this waranty in the world.

The most famous high end door manufacturers recommend large Sing door panels to their customers. They are the best high end door manufacturers for a reason; by providing the best solution and service to their customers.



Counter Top side view









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