Sing Core’s latest expansion following the acquisition of a new factory has resulted in a new line of affordable barn door and sliding closet doors at huge direct from the factory savings for you.

This new C Class division only produces quantities of sliding doors of specific size for retail markets. At present, these standard sized sliding doors are not available directly to the public because they ship in the same unfinished condition as all sliding doors which ship from the factory.

Sing Core only ships to high end custom sliding door builders, millworks, and sliding door companies who are qualified to finish and hang the completed lightweight sliding doors with Sing Core inside.

The advantage of our new, Class C Sliding Door Division is that they are tasked with only building a limited number of standard-sized sliding doors, while our Class S Division only builds custom sliding doors. Class C sliding doors are only available in MDF, which may have an unfinished wood look (like the oak shown above) or standard paint grade. This results in a cost savings of more than 75% per door, and we pass those production savings on to you.

Standard Class C Sliding Door Prices


Size of Sliding Door

Avg. Sliding Door Cost

48 x 84 * $550.64
42 x 84 * $481.81
36 x 84 $412.98
38 x 84 $435.92
42 x 80 * $458.87
36 x 80 $393.32
36 x 96 $471.98
42 x 96 * $550.64

* = double sliding door

All Class C sliding doors are only available as 1 3/8-inch-thick pivot doors, and only in the sizes listed above. At 1 3/8 inches thick, this is the best way to get the best barn door price for the best barn doors in the world.

Be aware that our C Series 48×84, 42×84, 42×80, and 42×96 are double sliding doors are commonly used as sliding closet doors, but you can also hang two barn doors side-by-side as double sliding barn doors which is becoming more commonplace in contemporary architecture design as the growth in interior sliding barn doors continues to expand.

You can find interior barn doors with Sing Core inside wherever you find barn doors for sale and you have your choice of a primed white barn door or a completely modern barn door with MDF and the look of natural wood (like the white oak example shown above).

Sliding doors with Sing Core inside are the only affordable barn door and sliding closet doors which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.
Thanks to our current expansion, you can have affordable barn doors which greatly reduces your overall cost of sliding doors throughout your project in our most popular sliding door sizes, such as 48 inch barn door, 8 ft barn door, and 42×84 barn door ($481.81).

And if you’re looking for a 36 barn door, our C Series 36 x 96 barn door ($471.98), fits the bill nicely without the expense of our 36 inch barn door which is much more expensive if custom built as an 8 foot barn door in our S Series line.

This is the most cost-effective way to utilize inexpensive doors with Sing Core inside to replace boring old school hinge doors.

Note price does not include finishing, hardware, pre-hanging, frame, installation, shipping or crate. There are no quantity discounts, but the more you order at one time, the more you save on shipping and crate costs per order.

See Standard Sliding Door Widths, and for our large custom sliding door clientele, see our Sing Core Sliding Doors.

Standard 3-0 x 7-0 Door Specs