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I Need Your Help to Build Tiny Houses

As you know, Sing Core has been used to build the most expensive tiny houses for the high-end market, “But I want you to know that was never my intent,” says inventor Peter Sing, “I need your help to build tiny houses to meet the needs of our expanding world today.”


Sing is deeply concerned about the growing homeless crisis in the world and the congestion in metro areas which is making it difficult to work and live in the same area. Some workers are forced to live outside the area where they work, so they travel in and out of town once a week, sleeping in RVs, vans, pickup trucks, or tents during the week while they work. According to Mr. Sing, “This is not right. Hard-working Americans should have the right to dignity and having a place to live.”

“My patented torsion box hybrid reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) are just too costly to manufacture to make them affordable, so they are used solely by those who can afford it, the billionaires, Fortune 500 companies, as well as in scientific and military applications.”

Sing believes that if he can make his lightweight, high strength, insulated building material available for use as basic tiny house structure, then the problem could be lessened or eliminated, especially in the light of the expanding accessory dwelling unit (ADU) permissions sweeping the nation, allowing homeowners to add a casita, mother-in-law house, carriage house, or backyard cottage to your existing property.


Sing says, “I always wanted to make this material available to all tiny house builders in the world,” but those tiny torsion boxes are costly to build. And Mr. Sing sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Since his clientele can afford to pay for the material, why not let them subsidize the material making it available for tiny home manufacturers. This can make it more affordable and as we all know, it is least time-consuming method of building an ADU.

The Fastest Way to Build the Best Structure

Sing’s core material is by far the quickest way to erect a structure because the walls, the floors, ceilings, and roofs are already fabricated using his frameless designs.

Sing Box Philosophy

Sing proposes to supply tiny house builders with boxes of varying sizes that can be nested for easy shipment that can be quickly and easily assembled on site.

“You could easily spend your first night in your Sing Tiny Home.”

Just set it up at the location you desire, and you can live in it as you do the finishing and decorating around yourself.

Sing’s boxes are built around the Core Box which is the heart of his nested boxes design. The heart box contains the essentials, such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, around which many additional boxes may be added in any configuration to act as dining room, living room, bedrooms, and his living boxes can be stacked up to four stories.

“If you run out of square feet for your home’s footprint, just go up.”

Sing Core’s massive strength is the only material you can use to expand upward so efficiently due to its lightweight. Plus, homeowners, and their ADU tiny house occupants enjoy more safety, security, and peaceful privacy due to Sing’s sound-dampening panels being so well-insulated, which also offers greater temperature control.

Sing is ready to put his material in your hands if you’re the right person.

“I Need Your Help to Build Tiny Houses”

Peter Sing is sending this call out to all tiny house enthusiasts to help spread the word, so that he can enroll an army of tiny house builders around the nation, to help him put ADUs with Sing Core inside around the United States. Please pass this on if you know of someone who can join us in this revolution.

Help Wanted

If you can build a tiny house,

If you have a project that can use his material for ADUs, auxiliary housing, or to battle homelessness,

If you have a specialty that can support his crowd manufacturing platform,

Mr. Sing wants to hear from you.



Help Me Spread the Word

We are looking to empower the right people for the right jobs to see this project through. If you are, or know of, someone who would be a perfect part of this team, then please contact us as well. We are looking for

Wood Workers









Land Managers



Mortgage Finance




Please share this with your friends and let us know if there is anything we can do. We value your input.

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We Can Work Together to Save Home Struggling Americans

It takes two or three incomes to support a healthy loving family home in the world today. How is that even possible, especially right now in these most uncertain economic times? Oh, maybe you could house people in giant warehouses, but not during the pandemic. Now what?

People are not cattle and Americans should not be treated like livestock. We need to treat people with dignity in America and everyone should be able to have a dignified place to live. And I’m not talking about the homeless in America, yes, we need to help them to, but I’m talking about hard working parents working multiple jobs to take care of the family who live in their cars, vans, or broken-down RVs, because it’s just too expensive to rent a decent place to live and work for a living. What kind of life is that?

There is no doubt that our metro-areas are already maxed out of available living space, and the space that is available is far more than the average wage-earner can pay. You might be able to find a reasonably priced rental out in the country, but now how are you pay for a 2-hour commute to and from work every day?

The answer to save struggling Americans starts right here. In our own back yard.

According to Inventor Peter Sing, “The answer to save struggling Americans starts right here. In our own back yards.” New trends in zoning are in the process of changing as you read these words and it was not long ago that it was nearly impossible to add a mother-in-law home, carriage house, cottage, or casita to your single dwelling property. Those times are changing.

Enter the ADU

The trend of allowing an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU to be built onto your existing property is sweeping from Pacific and Atlantic coasts across the nation, which is the answer to our affordable housing crisis in the USA, if we seize this opportunity and work together.

This is an incredible opportunity for homeowners who are currently struggling to make their current mortgage payments while supporting their families. Adding a moderately-sized ADU top the back yard could make all the difference. And the homeowner can leverage his or her equity so that the initial startup cost is not a burden on the family, and the extra income from the rental of the ADU to someone who really needs it, could be life-changing to both families.

Sing is willing to contribute his patented building material which until now has been only available to the rich and famous. He has created a patented panelized building material which can be used to create huge sliding doors, walls, or complete structures of enormous size quickly and easily that, frankly, do not fail.

His patented structure material produces a large flat area that is fully insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel, and will not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. His factory, located in a secluded area in Washington State, supplies the wealthiest people, military, and science and technology industries, and large door builders with the material that brings otherwise impossible projects to life.

Noteworthy: Large doors built with Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies are the only large doors in the world backed by his 50-year warp-free guarantee. And according to his elite clientele, “There is no other way to do it.”

Who can afford it?

Sing’s only concern about his product is, “Who can afford it?” Yes, if you are fully funded science project doing work in some remote location, or you’re creating something for use in outer space or beneath the ocean, you are a Fortune 500 corporation, or a billionaire, cost doesn’t really matter, but to the average contractor or budget of an average construction project, Sing’s technologies may add stress to an already tight budget.

large pocket door panel perfect straight

Sing would rather see his invention be placed into the hands of the people, the people in America who can take advantage of the opportunity to allow hardworking people to live lives of dignity in a safe and secure environment, helping to answer the call of the need of those seeking to incorporate ADU housing to their properties quickly and easily.

Thanks to Sing’s exclusive clients, he is creating his own subsidy program to offer discounts and incentives for those building ADU projects, making it practical and affordable to utilize Sing’s technologies. He would also like to create opportunities to

Put Americans to Work

He envisions seeing a husband-and-wife team being able to assemble modular Sing ADU components which can be assembled in various configurations as necessary in their local areas. In this scenario, Sing would ship the materials to the crowd manufacturers, who would assemble build each section.

Teams located across America will provide roughing, plumbing, electric, and add the toilet, kitchen countertop, and the homeowner adds the appliances following installation on the property.

The Sing ADU Core

The base of Sing’s ADU is the power core of the structure, it is pre-fitted with kitchen and bathroom, around which all the other living space modules are added, in whatever configurations best suits your project. Telescope out to the sides, front or back, or periscope up several stories high. The lightweight and superior strength of Sing’s material empowers visionaries with many options that would not be conceivable with conventional construction methods.

The ADU core kitchen/bathroom is basically a modular box, to which you affix other boxes to represent the additional living space in any configuration you desire. The more people in the family, the more boxes you add.

Built to Last

Unlike trailers and modular homes which deteriorate rapidly over time requiring continued repairs and maintenance, remember, this is the same material used by billionaires that you can have in your own back yard and is fully

Guaranteed to Last 50 Years

And it is the only lightweight building material that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Making a Better World

Sing wants to contribute to the global community by making his material available, he is willing to have his company, Sing Core, partner with you, craftspeople in your neighborhood, builders, contractors, and bankers in your area to bring this through to fruition for a better world for this and future generations.

Just say, “No,” to paper-thin temporary structures, trailers, or RVs to expect people to live in, which will quickly deteriorate and will become an eye-sore later.

Let this ADU structure stand as a monument for years to support the strength of the family as we rebound through these unprecedented times. A structure that will stand the test of time, and not deteriorate and crumble, as America may do, if we don’t work together.

Inventor Peter Sing says,

“I want to hear from you.”

How can we best help you with the resources that we have?

How can we help you and this ADU movement grow?

Have you built a Tiny House?

You might be just the type of person we are looking for to help us move this ADU project to the next level. Sing says, Please contact me and show me what you did. You might be just the right person we are looking for.” We can help each other in any way that we can, and you can be financially rewarded for your efforts.

If you are the entrepreneurial type, we would be interested in talking to you about how we could best help each other and America as we move through this housing crisis.

We have opportunities available and may be willing to co-create the ideal opportunity specialized for you, your unique position, resources, gifts, and talents.

Contact Sing Core for more information.

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Big Problem in the World the Sing Solution

The big problem in the world, today, is that our world is in trouble from the basics. The strength of America is declining due to the deterioration of the basic needs of the family. 1 – Shelter, 2 – Food, and 3 – Love of family.


Inventor Peter Sing insists that shelter is the most important because without a safe and dignified place to live, the familial love has no place to grow. This homelessness or housing crisis is a growing problem in America which does not only affect the financially disadvantaged but the gainfully employed in population-dense metropolitan areas where living space is hard to come by.


It is a basic human need to have access to food, good food and nutrition is an expense that the family must be able to fulfill. In most cases, that causes the need for extra financial support, so parents work two or three jobs to support the family. With all that extra work away from home, there is less time and resourced for the third basic need,


Mr. Sing sees the declining love of family to be one of the biggest concerns for our society and fears that this will greatly affect the lives of Americans and those of our worldwide neighbors. How that will impact the future of America and the world has yet to be seen, but this is something that cannot go on ignored or neglected.

“I have a good job but have to live in my van”


Homelessness is on the rise, and we’re not just talking about financially disadvantaged. Even people with good jobs in metropolitan areas often cannot find adequate housing due to lack of space, and the less space there is in the community, the more expensive it is to live and work there.

There is a Chinese saying that home is first.

You cannot manage a country if you cannot manage your home.

Inventor Peter Sing believes that we must

1. Manage our homes first
2. Then manage the country
3. And make the world a better place to live

So, Mr. Sing is backing up his desire to help make the world a better place by offering up his Sing Core building material invention, which is mostly reserved for projects conducted by billionaires, to be included in efforts to address the housing crisis in the United States.

New ADU Policies are Paving the Way

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. These are additional living areas designated for use on a preexisting lot. Many cities, counties, and states are loosening the reigns for these alternative living spaces which is helping to ease the current housing crisis.

So, now, a homeowner could add a tiny house or some variation of a tiny home in the back yard and offer the space for rent. This helps the homeowner with their mortgage and makes housing available for someone who desperately needs it.

Mr. Sing explains,

“To rent a one-bedroom apartment downtown is $3,000-a-month or a studio is $2,500. What hard-working family provider can afford to pay so much for rent and still support and adequately have a loving environment for family? But you could afford to rent an ADU in a good neighborhood and save half or more in living expenses.”

In Sing’s scenario, everyone wins.

Homeowner Gets $

The homeowner receives regular revenue to help with the mortgage or raising his or her own family.

Renter Saves $

The ADU renter gets a place to call home that is safe, secure, and near work.

More Time for Family

This relieves enough pressure to allow both the homeowner and the renter to enjoy more time with family, and the renter need not worry about a 2-hour commute to and from work.

Having a good place to live and maximizing your living expenditures does not necessarily mean that the family will be prepared to move right into a more healthful loving relationship, but it does provide the sacred space necessary to allow such growth to take place.


A Radical Concept

Leading edge inventor of Sing Core, a lightweight high strength fully insulated building material normally reserved for use by projects spearheaded by billionaires, is priced well beyond being useful in housing solutions working class alternative housing. That is, until Sing’s latest offering.

This new approach to building flexible and expandable ADUs is getting Sing excited about making his revolutionary patented and patent-pending building materials available to the masses to address this current need in America.

Start with the Heart

Just as Sing believes that the heart of the family is the place to start in the healing of America, so it is with his radical new approach to expandable housing which is already sprinkling across the backyards of homes all over the world. In this case, the heart is the kitchen/bathroom.

Sing is proposing that the kitchen/bathroom unit is the central unit or box around which the remainder of the structure is to be built.

Add Loving Space

Around the heart (kitchen/bathroom) add as many of Sing’s boxes as you need to provide the loving space that is required by the family being provided for. Individual boxes can be added one-at-a-time as needed, or entire units can be pre-built and shipped as one set of nested boxes that telescope out side-to-side, or periscope up three or four stories.

More Space per SF

This helps deflect the issues of sprawling for space, as square footage need not be limited to the ADU structure’s footprint for Sing’s patented building material is so much lighter and stronger than any other stick-built structure that it cannot only be expanded outward but upward, many stories, without fear of buckling under the pressure.

Need more space? Add another story.

Now, you can have enough living space to accommodate a family who has the propensity to use the extra time and space to establish an interconnected loving family unit.

Rolls Royce of ADU

Sing’s product is perfect for the backyards found in upscale communities not only because it is stronger than steel and built to last, but it is the very same material used almost exclusively by billionaires. And it is only due to this unparalleled strength to weight ratio that Sing’s structures can be built quickly and can sustain many stories in height. “You cannot build a castle on the sand.” Sing Core is the strong foundation for you to build your castle.

Greater Earning Potential

It takes an out-of-the-box thinker, like Peter Sing, to take this radical new approach even another level deeper. He is opening up the opportunity for others to participate in his project as well and allowing others with the appropriate skills to crowd manufacture these revolutionary ADUs.

Check out this custom tiny house made entirely of Sing Core panels!

Click here to learn more about this unique application

Building Opportunities

Many opportunities are available for builders. Not just homebuilders, but anyone with the adequate space, tools, resources, and skills necessary to build these Sing ADUs. Sing can deliver the base materials to your location, where any skilled partner can assemble and finish the units.

Open to the Right People

This opportunity is not for everyone, only those who have the space, tools, knowledge, and skill necessary to follow through in the most competent manner. It could be a retired husband and wife, a family, or some other type of team working together for the greater good.

Sing wants to not only put his patented building materials in the hands of the people but also allow them to enjoy the financial rewards and pride of workmanship that craftspeople have when they know they have helped to create a beautiful product that help provide a beautiful home for a beautiful family and a better tomorrow for everyone.

All it Takes is an Email

That’s it. If you like this project, then like and share it around the world. And if you are compelled to contribute to this new Sing Core projects, then you can opt-in by sending an email directly to the inventor, Peter Sing at to see what part you can play in the new future of American families for a better world for us all to live in.


We are looking to empower the right people for the right jobs to see this project through. If you are, or know of, someone who would be a perfect part of this team, then please contact us as well. We are looking for

Wood Workers









Land Managers



Mortgage Finance



Please share this with your friends and let us know if there is anything we can do. We value your input.