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Shaking Up Metal Fabrication to its Core

Red-Hot-Lightweight-Aluminum-PanelsSing Core’s Metal Fabrication Department is shaking up the industry!

Our new applications are changing how to fabricate metal panels: Don’t’ Get Framed!  One of our clients, I-5 Designs, has us expanding our capabilities to meet the increased demand for the longest, most beautiful aluminum panels that are eco-friendly, lightweight and stronger than steel.

Traditional metal fabricated panels expend excessive energy in their creation, using aluminum framing and the result is a panel that looks acceptable but has no strength.

This is extremely advantageous when maintaining structural integrity over long spans… Check out this page on our web site: . You will see these 37 foot long beautiful ruby red aluminum panels that we are so proud of. Lightweight, eco-friendly, superior strength and gorgeous; you must see it to believe it.