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Big Sliding Doors

Welcome to the world of big sliding doors, where we bring all your biggest sliding door dreams to life and guarantee worry-free enjoyment of your warp-free big sliding doors for 50 years.

Thanks to the patented and patent-pending technologies provided by inventor, Peter Sing, for the first time, you can enjoy the biggest sliding doors of all without all the headaches and problems associated with large, oversized doors.

Sing’s door core allows the warp-free door factory located in Washington State to build the most Eco-friendly, lightweight and super-strong big sliding door which will not warp, and as you know, heavy doors that add wear and tear to the structure and hardware, as well as door warping are the biggest challenges associated with big sliding doors.

So, what kind of big sliding door do you have in mind?

Our most popular big doors are wooden sliding doors. They might not be the most popular sliding doors in the world, but here, at Sing Core, the wooden large sliding door is in the most demand. Why? Because natural wood is notorious for moving according to changes in the environment.

And in most cases, the bigger the sliding door, the bigger the problems you will have with that particular door over time. It’s just the nature of the business, and specifically natural wood, is by far the most beautiful but impractical. That is, until the invention of Sing Core.

Sing’s True Flat Team helps to engineer or re-engineer big sliding doors to adhere to high performance standards which are unheard of in the industry. Sing’s core is the highest precision (+/- .006 in. tolerance) and highest strength (660+ PSI) lightweight and Eco-friendly large sliding door core in the world. This in combination with Sing’s anti-warp stiffening technologies can help to create a big door that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years, regardless of the material it is made of.

Of course, Sing’s proprietary anti-warp science is unique to his reinforced vertical grain torsion box hybrid core and unique integration of warp-reversing technology, and the results are not duplicatable outside his factories which are primarily located in Washington State, in the Pacific Northwest.

Most of Sing’s clientele admits,

“There’s just no other way to do it, without Sing Core.”

How else could you make a lightweight failure-proof huge moving wall system with enormous gliding doors or large operable wall systems with big sliding door panels made of wood that are fully insulated, stronger than steel pound for pound, and warp-free, even if one side is fully exposed to the weather? Impossible. That is, unless you have such a system engineered and built with Sing’s core inside.

According to Sing,

We Can Make Any Style of Door

Now, this is an interesting concept. One that is used in high security impact resistant doors with Sing Core inside. For instance, Sing’s True Flat Team, helps to design large modern sliding doors that look like they are built with traditional style and rail door technology. The truth is, the door base is solid composite patented Sing Core, where the door skins are applied in pieces to duplicate the look and feel of stile and rail design.

If you were to kick a stile and rail door at the seam, the door would cave in. Sing says, “If you kick my door, you break your leg,” not Sing’s door.
Plus, the added insulation offers both sound deadening and climate control capabilities to your big sliding door that you would be hard-pressed to find any other way.

So, whether you’re looking for expanding your scenic access to the outdoors with large sliding glass doors, big patio doors, which would be like a wall of large sliding French doors, or a huge double sliding patio door, maybe you should be considering jointly engineered large scenic sliding door systems designed and built in concert with Sing’s True Flat Team.

Well known for his “unbreakable mirror,” you might also want to consider, as many have, using Sing’s services for your next large mirror sliding door project.

Photos of Big Sliding Doors

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Large Oversize Sliding Doors

sliding-door-perfectly-straight-gap-high-performance-pocket-door-true-flat-high-end-guaranteedTrue Flat for Perfectly Straight High Performance

When our clients will not settle for second-best, they rely on our expertise in making true flat sliding doors that are perfectly straight for high performance to satisfy the most demanding applications.

Big sliding doors present challenges because the slightest warp, twist or cupping can not only affect the performance, but possibly more importantly, any deflection will be noticeable in the gap between the door and the wall.

In most cases, nearly any sliding door will appear to be straight upon installation, but only Sing Core sliding doors can maintain their true flat integrity for centuries and are guaranteed for up to 50 years.

When it makes sense to seek out only the best tried and true flat solution in sliding door technology regardless of size, you will agree with our clients that Sing Core is the only solution (see testimonial).

Warp free large sliding doors by Sing Core

Big Sliding Doors

Sing Core is the secret ingredient inside our large, oversize sliding doors and other large doors that are true flat, eco-friendly and built to last.

If you are looking for a large sliding door solution that gives you the Sing Core sliding door advantages, like light weight, superior strength, long life and flat, then you’ve come to the right place.  Just let us know your expectations and based on our expertise, we will be able to provide you with a solution that we can guarantee.

Sing Core big sliding doors are not only revolutionary in their design, but each huge sliding door helps to make the world a better place. With our commitment to sustainability you can have an American-made, eco-friendly large oversize sliding door that will last the test of time.

For the last few years, this emerging aerospace technology has been providing solutions to architects and designers that is top drawer, to say the least. The best-known, oldest, most reliable, high-end millworks in the

museum sliding doors (3)

United States depend on Sing Core to deliver the goods for them when it comes to large, oversize sliding doors.

This technology is solving large oversize sliding door design solutions for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and the Pope, especially when the application calls for extra strength, oversize or true flat… without compromising weight for strength.

Sing Core is making this technology available to anyone who wants a large fashionable, lightweight sliding door, like:

  • Aluminum Sliding Door

    Large Aluminum Door

  • Indoor Sliding Doors
  • Outdoor Sliding Doors
  • Warehouse Sliding Door
  • Large Room Dividers
  • Great Room Separators
  • Large Sliding Barn Doors
  • Oversize Sliding Garage Doors
  • Big Sliding Glass Doors
  • Large Sliding Partitions
  • Large Sliding Room Partitions
  • Big Sliding Shop Doors
  • Immense Sliding Walls
  • Large Sliding Wardrobe Closet Doors
  • Huge Vinyl Sliding Patio Door
  • Oversize Wood Sliding Patio Door

Just to name a few. The beauty of the Sing Core large oversize sliding door technology is that your door can be made out of nearly of any exterior material that you can imagine and we can guarantee your big door to be true flat over long spans, and will not warp, twist or experience extreme deflection under stress. And, thanks to the lightweight properties in comparison to other solid materials available, Sing Core oversized doors though large in size, are lightweight, causing less strain on the structure and hardware. Sing Core doors are available in any height, any width, any thickness.


large sliding doors guest bedroom lightweight high strength stronger than steel 50 yr warp free guarantee



Some examples of materials that we have made sliding doors out of include:

  • aluminumBack Camera
  • cement board
  • ceramic tile
  • concrete
  • fiber glass
  • glass
  • MDF
  • metal
  • plastic
  • plywood
  • solid wood
  • stainless steel

… including ballistic materials for bulletproof applications. The possibilities are limited only to any available flat building material.


Sing Core Large Veneer Doors

As one of our high end options we offer the most appealing wood veneer doors for your enjoyment.  With our special core and patented and patent pending methods, we supply exquisite hard wood veneer doors that appear just like solid wood, even when looking at our doors from the side.  This allows you to achieve the beautiful look of solid wood while still maintaining the weight advantage of using our patented and patent pending core.    

Hemlock Large Veneer Doors

No one else can make a large veneer door like ours.  Because of the warp free quality of our doors we can make them bigger, stronger, lighter in weight, and more warp free compared to other large veneer doors.  Through our patented and patent pending methods, we have solve all of the problems with making large veneer doors to any specifications.

White oak large veneer door



Remember, Sing Core technology is completely customizable to your specifications as they are available in any length, any width and any thickness and bonded to any exterior finish.

We are so certain that Sing Core is the solution to your green building challenges that we offer a 100% refund for any prototype order, for those who want to test drive any form of Sing Core products for use in their applications, so you have nothing to lose. Click Here for our convenient online order form.










sliding door

Your sliding door could be a giant chalk board or magnetic display

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