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Portable Sheds

Portable shed storage on trailer on truckOne of our most popular applications is the use of Sing products in portable sheds in the design of some of the best insulated modern shed kits for outdoor storage. These modern shed designs take full advantage of all the Sing attributes which also enables the Eco-friendly shed builder to build a shed faster, easier and more efficiently than any other method of building a shed.

Build the best

Without the extra weight you can create a bigger work area without weighing you down or breaking the bank. Build durable and efficient concession trailers, food carts, coffee kiosks and espresso stands. To learn more click here.


The lightweight characteristics of Sing Sandwich and Sing Panels create the most portable insulated outdoor sheds ever built. While empty these lightweight portable sheds are so easy to move, you can move them with a piano dolly with ease.

The lightweight portable shed designs enable you to build a shed that can attach easily to a trailer for effective transportation.

Shed Sizes

You can design a portable shed of any size but the most popular sizes of our portable insulated sheds are:

  1. Portable sheds and large storage boxes8×12 shed
  2. 8×12 shed
  3. 10 x 12 shed
  4. 12×12 shed
  5. 12×20 shed
  6. 10 x 10 shed
  7. 10×8 shed
  8. 6×6 shed
  9. 12×8 shed

Large Sheds

In addition to our moderately-sized portable sheds (above) many large sheds – even whole warehouses – are being built of insulated Sing products because you can build a shed (or an entire structure) so quickly, without traditional 2×4 stick framing, while enjoying the full insulation and high strength of Sing products.

Portable Garages

Along with our unique portable sheds, we’ve also made it possible to have a portable garage kits. Featuring our lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound you can have the flexibility of where and what you build your garage with, without losing the quality of the structure. Want to know more? Click here

8 x 14 portable shed on wheels2 Story Sheds

Because Sing Panels are stronger than steel pound-for-pound, you can even build a 2 story shed without using any lumber for a stick-built frame and fully support the manufacturing of 2 story sheds, or even multiple stories. Only patented Sing Core can make your multi-story shed ideas come to life.

Portable Shed Materials

Sing portable shed panels are available in virtually any exterior surface material to quickly and easily build a shed to meet or exceed your specifications. Even though the standard panel thickness is 1.5 inches, you can have them in any desire thickness and size. Not being limited to pre-determined dimensions or materials enables you to build the best portable sheds that may include insulated:

  • Metal Sheds
  • Wooden Sheds
  • Steel Sheds
  • Cedar Shed

Or any other types of sheds that you could imagine.

Multi-purpose Portable Sheds

8 x 24 portable shed insulated lightweight on trailerHow you use your portable shed is up to you. Some of the most popular portable shed configurations that we see on a regular basis include sheds used for:

  • Outdoor storage sheds
  • Wood sheds
  • Motorcycle shed
  • Tool sheds
  • Car sheds
  • Shed homes

Shed Homes

We don’t tell you how to use your portable shed, but it is not uncommon for people to use their Sing shed as a temporary alternate living area, spare bedroom or even an extended living space, like a shed house.

Portable shed on a trailer cute insulated tiny houseWe so many insulated shed designs, really the sky is the limit and some people to take up residency in our superior sheds that offer safety, security, sound deadening qualities and can be resistant to extreme weather conditions making them the best livable sheds.

If you happen to be looking for sheds to live in, you’re miles ahead with starting at the top of the line. Plus, you never know when you might need to use your portable shed as an emergency shelter. It’s good to know that you can have all the features available to you in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophe.

DIY Shed

How To Build an Insulated Shed

With Lowe’s Home Improvement and Sing Core, you can build the best insulated shed that best suits your needs. Click here to learn more.

If you’re looking into how to build a shed on your own, there is no better do it yourself method of building a shed than to use our insulated torsion box Sing Sandwich panels available from our friends at your local Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Let your imagination run wild and you can be building a shed that is stronger than steel, insulated and impervious to severe weather conditions, faster and easier than any other way to build a shed. Even you can build your own Insulated Mildew-free Shed.

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DIY How to Build an Insulated Shed Do it Yourself Home Improvement

Cutaway example of insulated lightweight high strength sing sandwich panels from lowes home improvement1 Best Building System

If you consider the following factors: Now you can build the best insulated shed to protect your belongings from moisture, mold and mildew for your backyard, use as an outbuilding or storage garage in hours instead of days thanks to Sing Core and the local Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse near you.

It doesn’t matter if you are building a Sing shed, Sing tiny house, not so tiny Sing home or patented Sing log home; We guaranteed Sing building technology is the easiest way to build any insulated, lightweight, high-strength and Eco-friendly structure.

Prevent damage to books magazines photos from mold mildew in storage

Keep your personal items free from mold mildew

2 Mold and Mildew Free for 50 Years Guarantee

No other shed will offer you this critical guarantee.

The Reinforced Structural Insulated Panels have built-in insulation that protects your precious belongings so that you don’t have to worry about unnecessary exposure to mold and/or mildew making Sing RSIPs the best solution for safeguarding the storage of perishables including moisture sensitive items like photos, books and magazines. See: Comparison to other materials

Imagine building a do it yourself insulated shed quickly without heavy equipment or tools and having the safest and most secure environment for storage of your items that you want to be protected from mold and mildew.

There are several Sing portable storage units at our factory site. None of them have any moisture condensation which is the main cause of mold and mildew. This is the reason we guarantee any storage building made of Sing floor, Sing wall and sing roof will be free of mold and mildew for 50 years if structured correctly without any water leak (make sure to seal all the corners and joining of two panels).

3 What You Will Need

You will need a basic concept of your shed’s design starting with a floor plan layout drawing, like this:

8 ft x 8 ft insulated shed floor plan drawing lowes home improvement sing sandwich

1 Insulated Sing Sandwich Panels

Then count up the number of 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.5 in. insulated Sing Sandwich panels. In the example (above) you might opt for 8 panels for the walls, 4 for the floors (double-layered for a 3 inch insulated floor) and 2 more for the roof; for a total of 14 insulated Sing Sandwich panels.

2 Exterior Roofing Material

Next up you will need to decide what kind of roofing material you are going to use on your shed. The helpful staff at Lowe’s Home Improvement will help you select the right material for your project.

3 Exterior Siding and/or Finish

You will also need to determine what finish or siding your shed will have on it. Again, many options abound and the Lowe’s staff can help you figure out what will work for you based on your performance expectations and budget.

4 Accessories

You will probably need a way to get in and out of your insulated shed and you might enjoy a view.

Discuss with your Lowe’s Associate what would work best for you. Do you want to make your own door our of the Sing Sandwich remnant? (The part that was cut out for door placement.) or would you rather buy a door from Lowe’s that is already pre-hung.

5 Connection Method

How will you connect your Sing Sandwich panels? There are many ways to connect your Sing Sandwich panels. See: Build a Wall for wall panel ideas for how to connect walls and review your needs with your Lowe’s Associate.

It’s as Easy as That

Now, with the help of your local Lowe’s you have everything you need to build your insulated shed in a few hours.

Finding Someone to Build Your Insulated Shed

What if you want an insulated shed but don’t have the skills that it takes to build an insulated shed? No problem. Here are some ideas for getting your DIY insulated shed built so you don’t have to).

hire a contractor

1 Hire a Contractor

Of course having your contractor, one that you know and trust, would be the first choice but there are other methods, also. If you don’t know of one, ask your local Lowe’s Home Improvement for a contractor that they could recommend.

2 Hire a Handyman

Almost any handyman, wood worker, even a landscaper likely has the tools and skill necessary to build your insulated shed for you.

3. Temporary Agency

A local temporary service agency, like Labor Ready, may have someone with the skills necessary to build your insulated shed for you.

4. Check the Parking Lot

You might be surprised to find competent local contractors and day laborers standing alongside their work trucks outside the Lowe’s parking lot as they are getting their materials for their day’s work. This gives you the opportunity to meet them face-to-face to decide whether they are a good match for your project or not.

Day laborers looking for temporary work

tiny-house-on-wheels-on-the-back-of-my-truckDo it Yourself Insulated Shed at Lowe’s

Homeowners and builders who are likely not to settle for anything less than the very best will seek out Sing sandwich panels from Lowe’s to build any structure, including their next insulated shed.

The Pacific Northwest is the home of Sing Core and in this wet and wild part of the United States we know how critical it can be to maintain a moisture-free environment for either short term or long term storage; the last thing that you want to do it to put your belongings at risk by exposure to mold or mildew.

What’s Next After I’ve Build My Own Insulated Shed?

After you’ve built your own insulated shed quickly and easily in conjunction with Lowe’s it is so easy to take your following project to the next logical level and take the journey to build other lightweight, high strength insulated structures.

4 Build Almost Anything with Patented Sing Building Materials

If you can build a Sing storage shed then you could easily also build a Sing tiny house.

Tiny House

lowesHow Do I get Sing Products?

Now, it’s easier than ever to get patented Sing Core in your hands thanks to Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse. Simply find a Lowe’s near you and visit the Lowe’s Pro Desk to place your order; use their convenient Lowe’s store locator to find a store near you. You can also inquire about Sing products at your local lumber yard. For more information, see: Pricing

If you can build a Sing tiny house then you could easily also build a large Sing insulated panel house. You can even build a large structure without requiring a permit in certain cities and counties (make sure to check with your local building codes).

If you can build a Sing insulated panel house then you could easily also build a patented Sing log home. The best log home in the world. Using patented perfectly straight insulated Sing logs without any cracks, checks, twisting or shrinkage.

There are endless applications that you could build by using Sing Sandwich panels and Sing Panels.

Sing Sheds

Sing Tiny House

Sing Home