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Peter Sing’s New Invention Will Kill The Virus

Atmospheric air is drawn into the intake which goes directly into the first fan, compressing and forcing the air through the first filter. The air then passes through a reducer to compress the air once more. The newly compressed and filtered air then passes into another fan but this time the air is combined with the disinfectant at a high rate of speed causing the air and disinfectant to separate through centrifugal forces. The separated disinfectant then drains into a reservoir to be re-used while the separated air is forced through another reducer to a chamber that has optional UV light or added heat. The newly purified air then passes through conduit means into the breathing hood and is inhaled by the wearer. The breathing hood encompasses the wearer’s head entirely and is secured by a neck band around the wearer’s neck. Newly purified air flows into the breathing hood, this current holds the hood out of contact with the wearer except for where it is secured with the neck band. After the wearer exhales the air it is expelled through an exhaust port which returns the expelled air back to the processing chamber to purify the air once more before releasing the exhausted air back into the atmosphere.

Peter Sing’s Old Invention

This drawing is an example of the breathing hood described above, it was taken from Peter’s old patent #4,815,458.
Thanks to ‘ProactiveAndPrepared’ for creating this informational video.

The video above is an example of the breathing hood of the protective breathing apparatus described here. The main difference is that instead of the filter on the front of the hood (in the video), the breathing hood of the protective breathing apparatus will not have a filter. The filtration will come from the filtration/purifying device.

Thanks to ‘Vapour Engineers’ for creating this informational video.

The video above provides an example of how the filtration/purifying device operates. The main differences are that the protective breathing apparatus will be lightweight and portable, unlike the air scrubber which is usually very large and is used in industrious settings. Another difference is that the scrubbing solution in the air scrubber is water, the scrubbing solution is a disinfectant solution. The disinfectant solution will utilize soap and/or alcohol so that the solution can deteriorate any incoming virus particulates.